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How To Drink Black Tea - The Right Way

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Yes, drinking black tea has many advantages, yes, there is a technique to it; and yes! I will tell you how to drink Black Tea. Drinking black tea is a varied and interesting individual choice between the kinds of brewings the world over.


One of the most popular choices, when it to comes to drink Black Tea is the Darjeeling Tea, an Indian Black Tea or Indian Chai, known for its delicious taste. The way to drink it is to steep the black tea in boiling water with sugar and adding milk to it.  Add to it, a few raindrops and a cool breeze, this experience of drinking black tea becomes a memory for life!






The Chinese way to Drink Black tea is more inclined towards an intense, well practiced technique. It is also an oriental aromatic experience than just being  the taste bud tickler. With very small helpings of tea, the flavors of Jasmine, Thyme, bring an unusual yet unforgettable niche to drink Black Tea.






In Britain, sweeteners like milk and sugar are merely added to an already brew Black Tea to make the sunset all the more warmer. 


Tea bags are more preferred over loose tea in the United States; they of course, bring a neater and faster approach to drink Black Tea.

Drinking Black Tea has its therapeutic advantages, which have been discovered and re-discovered for ages now. Many people who suffer from Stress, Fatigue and even boredom are advised to drink it at least once a day. Replete with anti-oxidants, drinking Black Tea can only do you good.

Apart from the preparations; How to Drink Black tea? With style.  Drink Black Tea with your friends in a tea salon like the ones in China, or with your old batch-mates with good old glucose biscuits at the nearest chai hawker. Drinking Black Tea can be conversation medium just to have friends over or to make newer friends.

By adding Ginger, Black Pepper, Thyme, and even ground nutmeg, Drinking Black Tea can be your healing and invigorating cup of life.

The best way to drink black tea is to boil water, put the leaves in it. Let the water play with various shades of Yellow, ochre, orange, red and to black; Swirl it about and take in the fragrance, finally close those eyes, sip it, and let your stress and worries disappear . 

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How To Drink Black Tea - The Right Way