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Is Black Tea As Effective As Green Tea

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Is black tea as effective as green tea – this has been a common topic of debate for long. Comparing the black tea vs green tea has been more common particularly for them, who enjoy the health benefits of tea. Tea is beneficial to human body in various aspects – this has been a proven fact these days. However, the comparison between black and green teas will definitely find certain physical and chemical differences. But, the matter of fact is that considering the health benefit, both the teas are equally beneficial for human body. This is not my conclusion – it has been scientifically proved by the experts.


The comparison between black and green teas will certainly bring out the difference in their level of fermentation. Both the teas come from the same plant, known as camellia sinesis. The black tea is produced after fermenting the raw leaves, whereas no fermentation is required for producing green tea. The difference in the production procedure also leads to difference in the chemical constituents for black tea and green tea. The level of fermentation converts the chemicals from one to another. However, all teas are basically a great source of anti-oxidants; although the form of anti-oxidant might differ from black to green tea. The anti-oxidants present in green tea are known as catechins and for the black tea, these are known as theaflavins. In case of green tea, the anti-oxidants remain in their natural form, as the green tea does not pass through any fermentation process like black tea. However, when you talk about the effect of these different anti-oxidants, it remains almost similar.


The anti-oxidants in tea are most useful to flush out the free radicals from our body. These free radicals are responsible for any type of internal damage. So, irrespective of the different chemical compositions of the theaflavin and catechins, the benefits do not change. This conclusion has also been verified by a scientific study, performed by the researchers of Chinese University of Hong Kong. According to this study on black tea vs green tea – both are equally effective for washing away the free-radicals. However, you will find the difference in taste and flavor. Normally the black tea is popular in the Western hemisphere, whereas the Oriental people are more familiar with the green tea.


So, in the comparison between black and green teas, ultimately it is you to decide on your choice. No matter, whatever you choose, the effect will remain same.


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Is Black Tea As Effective As Green Tea