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The Most Stinkiest Cheeses In The World

The stinkiest cheeses in the world need not cheese you off because despite their stink they can permeate through scrumptious dishes, to lend an ‘aroma’ least reminiscent of a stink. Here we go tread past the world’s stinkiest cheeses, which leave  a trail that cheese-lovers simply can't resist.
Lets us begin with the limburger cheese, which was first discovered in the 19th century, is now commercially made in Germany. Rating as a top stinky cheese, with its smell compared to that of sweaty feet and wet shoes,  the limburger has a firm yet crumbly texture and is light cream in color.  It’s mostly used to make limburger sandwiches made of rye bread topped with onion and goes well to side with salami or ham.

Another cheese, which features as one of the world’s stinkiest cheeses, is the stilton or the blue cheese. The cheese traces its origin to the town of Leicestershire in the 1730s when Cooper Thornhill of Stilton first discovered it. The stilton cheese adheres to a very strict code of standards and as per European laws only a few regions in Europe namely Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire are licensed to produce the world’s stinkiest cheese. The blue cheese is used in myriad recipes popularly as a dressing in salads. And that’s not all this stinky cheese renders the flavor and ‘fragrance’ to many a gourmet dish.

The next in line as the world’s stinkiest cheeses is the Camembert cheese, whose history rises in the Normandy region of France. The cheese was originally made using un-pasteurized milk, but safety standards has laid it down to make the cheese from pasteurized milk. Featuring as the stinkiest cheese, the Camembert cheese finds its way in the popular Camembert cheese sandwiches greatly averred in France and Germany.

As we see the world’s stinkiest cheese might not work well with your sense of smell but there are topping dishes, which can be prepared with these, with a flavor which simply ‘outdoes’ the pungent stench making you wonder “Was that a stinky cheese?”

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The Most Stinkiest Cheeses In The World