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Learn Some Basic Facts About Tea

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Tea, as a beverage is popular throughout the world. However, people are not very much aware of the basic facts about tea. Through my blog, you will come to know more about your favorite drink, tea and also somebasic facts associated with this beverage.

Did you know these basic facts about tea?

  1. Though, Tea was discovered first in China in around 2000 BC., it is not the Chinese who are the leading consumers of this beverage.
  2. Tea is the second most popular beverage consumed after water.
  3. In earlier times, tea was used for its medicinal properties.
  4. Tea contains caffeine but in lesser amounts  than coffee.
  5. India is the largest producer of tea and one of the largest consumers also. The other two leading tea consumers are China and the UK.


  6. Kenya is the biggest exporter of Tea.
  7. Black, green, oolong and white are the four main types of tea. However, there are many sub varieties to it depending on the color and taste of tea.
  8. Tieguanyin tea is one of the very rarest green teas grown in Fuji, China. The tea is so rare that it cost $15 per cup.
  9. There are different tea ceremonies held in different parts of country. Japan tea ceremony is one of the most famous.
  10. Tea is rich in plant derived oxidants called Flavonoids. These antioxidants prevent cancer, ageing and various other diseases. Green tea is the best variety of tea with lot of health benefits associated to it.
  11. Tea is called by different names in different countries. Even the way of drinking tea, also varies from place to place.
  12. Tea and milk together are good for our body as they provide us with many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin B6, Riboflavin B2, manganese and potassium.
  13. Tea bags help to overcome the puffiness of eyes. When a tea bag is placed on tired eyes, it gives comfort and makes them look fresh and brighter.
  14. Teabags also help to soothe burns and sunburns. The skin heals faster after a tea bag has been placed on the wound.

Tea is an amazing drink which tastes good and can be relished in so many forms. Where is your cuppa?

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Learn Some Basic Facts About Tea