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How To Make Olive Oil From Uncured Olives

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Uncured Olives are bitter and are unpalatable. However, olive oil is made from the uncured olives and let me explain to you in detailHow To Make Olive Oil From Uncured Olives at home.

Things Required

  • Uncured Fresh Green Olives
  • Olives Press
  • Stone Mill
  • Siphon
  • Troughs
  • Dark Colored Bottles

Steps to Make Olive Oil

  • Thoroughly wash the fresh green olives to remove any sort of dust particles and other debris.
  • Now grind the olives using the stone mill and make a paste out of them. Grind the pits as well.
  • Mix the paste well for about 30-40 minutes. You can make use of the trough for this purpose. It would help if the trough is equipped with a spiral mixing blade.
  • After the paste has been thoroughly mixed, spread it onto a clean mat and place into the olive press.
  • Press hard to extract as much liquid as possible. Keep pressing till you find that no more juice is flowing out. A cold press is advisable vis-à-vis a hot to obtain the highest quality oil.
  • Collect the liquid in a trough and let it sit in the trough for 1-2 hours.
  • You will see that the olive oil is separating from the juice.
  • Carefully collect the separated oil in a separate trough. Allow the oil to sit in the trough for sometime, till the residues in the oil settle at the bottom of the trough.
  • Pour the oil into the dark bottles leaving the residue in the trough.
  • Use this oil within a month to retain its natural flavor and obtain nutritional benefit. Store it in a cool place away from stove heat, to prevent it from breaking down due to heat and light.


Well, making olive oil is a simple process, but requires a lot of hard work. Try making olive oil at home and you will be surprised at the amazing flavor that the oil has vis-à-vis the store bought olive oil.

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How To Make Olive Oil From Uncured Olives