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What Are The Side Effects Of FIsh Oil?

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We have all been told that fish oil is very healthy. Most of us have grown up eating those fish oil tablets, but what most people do not know is that fish oil is made from the tissues of fatty acids, and therefore they do have some side effects.


Side Effects Of Fish Oil

Large doses of these supplements contain a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin D, and therefore there is the risk of vitamin poisoning. Studies suggest that vitamin poisoning can lead to toxic symptoms, which is why it is best to have fish body oil, instead of fish liver oils.


Metal poisoning is another side effect of the same. Fishes have within them elements of metal like mercury, lead, nickel, arsenic and cadmium, along with certain other and contaminants like the PCB's, furans and dioxins. But this does not mean that you have to give up fish oil for good, in fact most of the side effects of fish oil can be avoided.


How To Pick The Best

Here is how you can choose pure and good quality fish oil supplements, and stay safe without any side effects. Always buy supplements from manufactures that fall under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance. Chose those which are made using the process of molecular distillation technology, which enables manufacturers to filter out contaminants and pollutants from the products. The oil purchased should also be in ester form, as these have good bio availability, which will allow your body to absorb the needed nutrients. The oil should also be free from contaminants and the supplements should have high potency of DHA.


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What Are The Side Effects Of FIsh Oil?