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How Important Is Bread In Our Daily Life

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In many pockets of the world, bread is a staple food item with almost every meal and it is a basic food product in cuisines such as Mediterranean, Italian and Indian cuisines. How Important Is Bread In Our Daily Life is a question that many of us are curious about. Well, bread may or may not be an important part of every cuisine, but it is definitely an important food item. It comes in various varieties, forms and shapes and is used differently in dishes.

Bread is a huge source of nutrition and contains good amount of carbohydrates and fiber. Importance of bread comes from the fact that it is a huge source of carbohydrates which are an essential part of one’s daily diet. Our diet should comprise of at least 45-50% of food in the form of carbohydrates. The fibrous content in the bread keeps the digestive system in order. Since bread has many varieties such as plain, multi grain, whole wheat, etc. each of these varieties has some benefits.  Since the popularity of bread is rising, a lot of people bake their own breads at home. They add the ingredients of their choice and increase the nutritional value of the bread.

Pastries, muffins, cupcakes are a sub segment of the bread industry. The base of all these dessert items is essentially bread. These are given various shapes and sizes and beautified with toppings. All these bread based desserts are quite popular across the globe and are an integral part of celebrations and festivities.

The bakery industry provides employment to million of people across the globe. Since the basic bread industry is flourishing, its sub segments are also following the suit. The ingredients used in the bakery industry are also benefiting from this boom. Sugar, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, ginger, sesame etc. are the main ingredients and their demand and price is rising on the regular basis as that of the basic bread.

Italians have a tradition of baking. In Italy alone there are more than 50 varieties of bread, such as michetta or “rosetta”, which is round shape bread, with a flat base and is empty in the inside due to the prolonged leavening of the dough. Other example could be the “biova bread”, soft crumb bread produced by long-leavened dough, but with less water. We also have to refer to the "carasau" or "paper music", the ancient Sardinian tradition, it appears as a thin disk of light color, crisp and crumbly, and it is obtained with semolina and very little leavening. In Rome “ciriola”, is the popular bread that has an elongated shape and a very soft crumb inside.

Though bread is important part of our life we must carefully select the type of bread that we consume. The healthiest breads are the dense chewy types made from 100 percent stone ground whole wheat or whole grain flours. These breads contain significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. Breads to avoid include all 'fluffy' easy-to-eat varieties, or any bread made with refined white flour.

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How Important Is Bread In Our Daily Life