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Which Are The Best Chinese Slimming Teas

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Ever wondered why Chinese people are so slim and healthy? Their secret lies in drinking tea. Yes, it is proved that drinking Chinese tea is a guaranteed way of losing weight. Chinese slimming teas enhance metabolism and help to burn calories faster due to the presence of tannin, an active antioxidant which helps the body to resist the digestion of complex substances like oils, fats and starches.

     There are different types of Chinese teas;

  1. Oolong or Wu-long Tea from the Camellia Sinensis tea bush, grown in Fuijan province of China and in Taiwan. Oolong is a mixture of black and green tea as it is lightly oxidized and is rich in tannin. When brewed, oolong is fragrant, sweet and citrus.  
  2. Feiyan Tea - It is a caffeine free tea and is a combination of green tea, cassia seeds and lotus leaves. It has less tannin than oolong but works on both digestive and circulatory systems helping in weightless and blood purification. Feiyan tea can be slightly bitter or salty when brewed.
  3. Pu-erh Tea - It grows in Yunnan province of china and is an aged tea having properties of both green and black tea. It has an earthen taste and helps to enhance metabolism. It is known to help neutraliz the effects of alcohol.

Chinese slimming teas have become very popular and various brands are available in the market. These teas are a combination of Chinese teas and traditional Chinese herbs, which help you to get slim by catalyzing weight loss.

Best Chinese Slimming Teas can be categorized as follows.

  • Slimming teas that are dietary supplements made from natural herbs and Ginseng. These teas help to regulate appetite and reduce weight and maintain general good health. These teas increase bowl movements.
  • Slimming Special teas and Super slimming teas like triple leaf and tava teas which are made from traditional Chinese herbs and help in healthy digestion and detoxification. While drinking these teas, it is advised to have a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, juices and water and maintain a healthy diet to get best results.
  • More and more people are turning to Chinese Slimming teas for weight reduction as it is easy and hassle free. However it must be remembered that even the best Chinese slimming teas are not effective if you do not maintain healthy diets and exercise regularly.


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Which Are The Best Chinese Slimming Teas