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What Do You Know About Bubble Tea?

The very name bubble tea may make you go bubbly over the beverage, which is slowly yet surely making a name for itself in the global beverage shelf. What do you know about bubble tea? When did it first originate? Why the name bubble tea?

Well to answer to this volley of questions it would definitely help you a good deal if you take a sip from the refreshing bubble tea for its great flavor and fragrance.

 Bubble tea indigenous to Taiwan, is a make of tapioca pearls(chewy black balls), tea and sugar. The tapioca pearls in the bubble tea are to be consumed when the tea is fresh lest it loses its chewy texture. What makes bubble tea stand out from the other variants is the presence of tapioca, which is extracted from the bitter cassava plant to produce tapioca starch, which is then used in the making of tapioca pearls. Well, that’s not all.The tea can also be served in various colors such as green pink and yellow to give that touch of difference to the very substance of bubble tea. Additionally, you can also add a bit of variation to the bubble tea by including fruits such as avocados or taro roots with either of black tea, green tea or bubble tea powder.

The history of bubble tea – Glorious Past to the Present day glory

As mentioned bubble tea first originated in Taiwan, which is famous for its night markets sporting cheap goods and snacks. One man’s thought to provide  refreshment in the way of a soothing drink to customers, for the hot summer

night, burst forth into 'bubbles of creativity' in the form of bubble tea. It is believed that the tea was first served with shredded ice. Later Liu Han-Chieh a famous entrepreneur took the bubble tea to the next stage of evolution by adding tapioca pearls to it, which quite strikingly resembled bubbles. The signature straw that goes along with the bubble tea signifies the drink has a certain amount of ‘fizz’ associated with it. From Taiwan, the popularity of bubble tea spread to other parts of Asia and North America as well, where Asian communities are already bustling with their bubble tea establishments.

Bubble tea is also known by other names such as Pearl Tea, Pearl Ice Tea, Black Pearl Ice Tea, QQ drinks, Nai Cha, Zhen Zhou Nai Cha, Boba Nai Cha. As the saying goes what’s in a name as the bubble tea fame is going far and wide,

playing level in the beverages game.

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What Do You Know About Bubble Tea?