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What Can You Make With Boiled Carrots?

If you feel ‘carrotish’ about the goodness of carrots and want to dice some creative techniques with boiled carrots, some ideas on what can you make with boiled carrots will help you spearhead with 'mission carrots'.

Here is a way to enjoy the softness of boiled carrots with a few tips :

•    Buttery Cooked carrots : With baby carrots going for the boil, margarine and brown sugar are heated in a pot till the margarine melts. The boiled carrots drained of the liquid, are put in the pot, and stirred well so that all of them get properly coated with the margarine-sugar mix.

•    Orange glazed carrots : Baby carrots are boiled in water till tender and the water is drained. The boiled carrots are then placed in a pot on medium heat, with orange juice added to it and allowed to simmer. At this point, butter, brown sugar and salt are added and the mixture is heated, till the butter and sugar melt. There, you have a double orange color and the orange tart flavor making this boiled carrot dish a delight to eat.

•    Carrots’ crunch with orange and honey : Baby carrots are boiled in orange juice in a saucepan, till the carrots become tender but leaving behind a slight crunch(fork-tender). Then honey, butter and salt are stirred in and heated till the butter melts.

•    Candied Carrots : Carrots peeled and cut to bite-size are boiled in a mixture of water, orange blossom honey and salt, till tender and the liquid is almost evaporated. To this, cumin seeds, olive oil and lemon juice are stirred in. Candied carrots are ready to serve your palate with the melting ‘candy softness’ of boiled carrots.

•    Carrots with orange, garlic, and herbs : Carrots are boiled in salted water with some sugar, butter, and a handful of herbs(parsley, thyme, bay, rosemary – a mixture or just one tied up in a bundle) added to the boiling water along with whole garlic cloves and an orange cut into eighths and  a pinch of cumin seed powder. Once the carrots become tender, herbs are discarded and all but one orange piece is retained, which is chopped and then tossed with the boiled carrots with some more butter. .

•    Carrot with vinegar and parsley :  Peeled and washed carrots are boiled in water, vegetable or chicken broth till tender. After the water is drained the boiled carrots are tossed in mild vinegar such as apple cider or rice wine and then garnished with fresh flat-leafed parsley. This is a simple yet scrumptious way to make boiled carrot dishes.

•    Boiled carrots with butter and chilies : Boiled baby carrots (boiled till tender) are drained of the water and put in a serving bowl, where butter, jalapeno(seeded and chopped), lime juice and zest  and cumin along with salt are added and tossed gently. The sting of the chilies along with the sweet flavor of carrots will be something to talk about.

•    Baby carrots and apple juice : Peeled and washed baby carrots, apple juice, honey and water are mixed together and brought to a boil and then simmered till the carrots become tender. Here is the 'apple of your eye' in the way of a boiled carrots dish.


There is no ‘culinary crunch’ when it comes to dealing with boiled carrots as this versatile vegetable beautifully fits into many a recipe, emerging with delightful boiled carrot dishes.

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What Can You Make With Boiled Carrots?