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Vegetarian Diet Can Prevent Cancer

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Research has proved that a vegetarian diet can prevent cancer.


It is old news that vegetarian diet helps fight cancer, but the latest development in the field of cancer studies has pointed out that certain plants and vegetables have a way of blocking cancer from growing.


Cancer Stopping Abilities

The study shows that those sections of society, that consumes more vegetables and less or no meat, are at a lower risk of cancer by about 50 per cent while compared to meat eaters. This is mainly because plants are rich in antioxidants and therefore they can protect the DNA from damages, which lead to malignant transformation.


The study also mentions how a vegetarian diet can stop the growth of cancer, because of the ability of the body tissues to grow new blood vessels. This process has been termed as angiogenesis. It is when the natural process of angiogenesis is damaged, that the body stops producing new blood vessels or produces extra blood vessels, both harmful to the smooth functioning of the body.


Drugs To Reduce Cancer

Researchers have developed certain kinds of drugs that will help reduce the tumor growth and check the spread of cancer, by inhibiting angiogenesis. The Angiogenesis Foundation in Cambridge, Massachusetts is headed by William Li, a scientist and researcher. He has been experimenting with plants, to study their power to block out angiogenesis. Plant chemicals in food like apples, blackberries, oranges and veggies like pumpkin have in them the capacity to inhibit angiogenesis. This way, cancer cells in the body does not grow beyond control, causing permanent damage to the organs.  There are also plants which contain tumor suppressing proteins, which will in turn block the growth of cancer cells.


Studies in this field have shown that people who include cooked tomatoes in their daily diet, have about 50 per cent lesser chance of developing prostate cancer. The alarming news in that 35 per cent of cancer is cause by bad eating habits and that people who are obese or over weight have larger chances of developing cancer.


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Vegetarian Diet Can Prevent Cancer