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What Is The Origin Of Tazo Tea

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Tazo TeaThe name Tazo Tea invokes excellence, it represents a blend of premium quality teas. Origin of Tazo tea can be traced back to just few years back. It was created in 1994 by Steve Smith, a veteran of the tea industry along with Stephen Lee and Tom Mesher. It was later on purchased by Starbucks in 1999. At present, Tazo Tea is located in Portland, Oregon and has over 80 different varieties of par excellence.

Historically, it’s claimed that original formulas of Tazo teas are found on an ancient stone, called the Tazo Stone and several ancient civilizations including Babylonians and the Greeks used these original formulas. It’s said that the shores of the Red Sea uncovered Tazo Stone in 1987.

Tazo tea stands true to its meaning, as the word Tazo comes from Roman word which means “river of life”. The refreshing flavor of Tazo tea origin from the perfect blend of special variety of tea leaves extract. The flavor of the Tazo tea is unparallel as it usually contains black or green tea with herbs like cardamom, chamomile, vanilla, citrus fruit peelings, and cinnamon. Thus, the makers of Tazo tea have overhauled the concept of tea making and have made this beverage a delight to the tea drinkers.

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What Is The Origin Of Tazo Tea