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Vegetarian Diet Good For Kidney Patients - Go Vegetarian

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Vegeterian diet is good for kidney patients

We all know that vegetarianism is full of benefits and being a vegan keeps you away from many diseases. The latest one to be known is that vegetarian diet is good for kidney patients. According to a recent research from the US, it has been found that vegetarian diet is boon for the patients with chronic kidney disorder. The report suggested that vegetarian diet reduces the accumulation of toxic phosphorus levels in the body.

How Vegetarian Diet Benefits The Kidney Patients?

Kidney patients are always advised to limit their phosphorus intake as the overdose leads to various heart complications and may be death. People with normal kidney don’t build up toxic levels of phosphorus in their bloodstream because their kidney acts as a filter to toxic minerals. But kidney patients are not so much lucky, they have to plan their food intake and follow other compensatory measures in order to maintain balanced mineral composition in the body.

According to Dr Sharon Moe and colleagues of the US who recently discovered the effect of vegetarian diet on kidney patients, people with chronic kidney disorder should follow a diet where most of the proteins come from vegetarian food. This is so because phosphorus that comes from the protein of vegetarian food are reduced to low level by the food itself in the body, while this is not so in the case of meat based protein. Further, benefit of vegetarian food can also be enumerated through the fact that grain-based food has lower phosphate to protein ratio and maximum phosphate comes from phytate, which blocks phosphorous absorption in the body. So, a vegetarian diet is good for kidney patients as by sticking to it, they don’t have to think much on protein intake. They also need not have to follow a strict diet chart which generally prescribes lower protein intake to avoid accumulation of toxic phosphorus level in blood and urine of the body.

Vegetarian Renal Diet 

There are many benefits of vegetarian diet as a plant based diet is lower in calories and higher in fibers as compared to animal based food. So, a mixture of plant products like wheat gluten, beans, mycoprotien, nut butters, tofu, tempeh, soy milk, soy yogurt should to taken by a patient suffering from chronic kidney disorder to maintain the balance of all essential amino acids. Kidney patients can comfortably take soy protein because it reduces protein loss in the urine which is commonly known as proteinuria. One serving of soy protein per day also helps in minimizing hyper filtration and thus reducing the chances of kidney damage.

Although there are many reasons to become vegan, the best being that grains and soy form one of the best bet for longevity. Its effect on reducing the risk of cancer and many cardiovascular diseases were well known to us and the latest to add in this entry is its regulatory effect on kidney patients. So, why not go vegetarian - choice of food available to veggie is more healthy, varied and appetizing.

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Vegetarian Diet Good For Kidney Patients - Go Vegetarian