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Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes - Make the Most of Apples

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Through this blog on “mouth-watering apple recipes – make the most of apples,” I will give you some great apple recipe ideas so that you know how to make the best of your culinary skills to create magic with your seasonal apples this winter! These pomaceous fruits are amongst the most versatile of winter fruits, which can be eaten raw and whole, sliced and mixed into salads, baked into irresistible desserts, mashed into yummy dips or cooked into a wide range of tasty and healthy appetizers and main dishes. Apple is a fruit which pairs up deliciously with almost every other food and so, when the apple recipes like applesauce and apple tart are getting a little boring, I thought of coming up with some fresh, mouth-watering apple recipe ideas for my dear readers.


Mouth-watering apple recipes – My top picks


  • Cheese 'N Apple Soup – This is one of the healthiest apple recipes and an excellent appetizer for winter meals. The dish is cooked by melting butter or margarine with flour, seasoning, milk and shredded gouda cheese. This soup is then mixed with fresh apple juice for the complete apple effect.


  • Apple-Stuffed Chicken Breast – You can call this main dish recipe of apple and chicken a match created in heaven! However, if you are ready to turn your kitchen into that heaven, coat thin apple slices in sugar and cinnamon mixture, fold chicken breasts around the slices, fix them in place with toothpicks and after that, grill the breasts till crispy and juicy. Before serving, coat the grilled chicken breasts with apple cider and cornstarch syrup.



  • Carrot & Apple Cake – Whoever declared bakes are all about gaining excess weight definitely has no or very limited knowledge on apple recipes for desserts and certainly has no clue about this mouth-watering cake recipe! You can create this wonderful recipe by mixing together apples, carrots, pecan nuts, vanilla essence, flour, eggs, baking soda, sugar, little salt and cinnamon to a smooth batter. Then, bake this batter until it fluffs up to a yummy cake.



  • Winter squash, apple and walnut soup - Steaming, hot soups are such a delight during the winters, and stir into them the magic of healthy apples and you get wonderful appetizers to vouch for! This is one of those magical apple recipes which is cooked with pureed butternut squash, unsweetened applesauce, ground mace, white butter or margarine, white pepper, crushed chervil, chicken stock, light cream and toasted walnuts. 


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Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes - Make The Most Of Apples