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Fresh, Frozen or Dried Fruits

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Which is your take fresh, frozen or dried fruits?!


Every method of packaging or preparing fruit has certain benefits as well as drawbacks. You may pick fresh, frozen or dried fruits according to your preference in taste. However, despite the fact whether the fruit is fresh, frozen or dried, the more fruit you include in your daily diet, the better. For each situation though, you must know which type of fruit works best for you.


Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a convenient option because it takes up less room in comparison to fresh fruit and it is also not as messy as either fresh or frozen fruit. Additionally, dried fruit does not need any special storage requirements, but has potentially been linked to some types of cancers.


Fresh Fruit

Compared to dried fruit, fresh fruit are loaded with vitamins as well as other nutrients, as some nutrients in dried fruits are lost during the drying process. However, you must also know that fresh fruits do not sustain as long as their dried counterparts.


Frozen Fruit
Frozen Fruit possesses several similar benefits as fresh fruit, because of the fact that it is allowed to ripen fully before its packaging. The short blanching does not alters the taste of frozen fruits and it provides a convenient as well as long-lasting survival option, similar to dried fruit.


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Fresh, Frozen Or Dried Fruits