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Beef is the most fortifying and most nourishing of all red meat, and is probably one of the most recognized types of meat. Most people are comfortable buying and cooking beef, and beef can take on many different flavours. It can be herb crusted, marinated or spice rubbed. It is great for intensely flavoured dishes as beef will not overpower the other flavours.
The English have long specialized in rearing and feeding of cattle.
County Durham Shorthorns were exported to France to improve the strain of beef producing stock. The crossbreeds thus produced were Charolais, Limousin and Normandy.
Cows are reared in the following ways
-Lot Fed
-Grass Fed
-Grain Fed

a)  Lot fed; For a minimum of 100 days the animal is fed on corn, grass and millet, and are allowed to move in a very limited area. Fat content in these cows are very high and they are the costliest too because of intense farming required.
b)  Grass Fed; In this method of farming the cows are allowed to move in a slightly larger area and are fed with only grass for 70 days.
c)  Grain Fed; The best quality beef is got from this kind of farming, wherein the animals are allowed to move in a much larger area and hence there is a lot of marbling but not too much of it. The animal is fed only with grain and a little grass for 100 days. This is costlier than the grass fed cows

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im a beef fan too! to tell you honestly, i've tried a kobe beef from japan that our neighbor brought as a gift for me. he taught me how to prepare it (shabu-shabu) and believe me it taste so great afterwards!!! nothing special about the cooking it's just that the beef is of rare quality as he says. i don't know if this is true but as he says, this kobe beef cattle are frequently massage daily (3 times or more a day)!!! they are enclosed in a cage where they couldn't possibly move except only when eating and sleeping. and to my surprise, my neighbor gladly adds that this beef cattles are always fed with "sake" and beer to keep them drunk so the cattle would move less and would just sleep and just eat when they wake up while a little sober. he says, in this way the beef meat will be more tender and soft contradicting what you say above. sometimes, when i drink on some occasions i can't help but thinking how lucky this beef are, all they have to do is be drunk, have a daily massage, a good and quite sleep and eat fresh daily served food anytime! they must have died with a smile on their face? :D
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and btw, i forgot to tell that kobe beef are the most expensive beef sold by the kilo out in the market as my friend says and as i did checked, it's true!