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What Are The Uses Of Dark Cocoa Spices

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Dark Cocoa spices provide intense color, flavor and medicinal properties to sweet and savory dishes. Cocoa powder is used in coatings and spreads, bakery and dairy applications and if you are wondering What Are The Uses Of Dark Cocoa Spices, here is a list for you.

Cookies and Cakes

Well, this is the most basic and known use cocoa spices. Chocolates apart from being used to garnish the icings, is added in the batter for cakes and cookies. To get the rich intense flavor in dessert, grounded or grated cocoa is mixed with cinnamon, brown sugar icing sugar and salt.

Mexican Dishes

Mexican mole and sauces are a huge hit. Cocoa spices are one of the main ingredients in mole. It is grounded with almost 30 other ingredients to make most common Mexican mole. The most famous mole – mole negro contains, almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, chilies and cocoa spices.

Meat Rubs

Using dark cocoa spices as a meat rub is quite a common practice. A lot of meat rubs use cocoa spices, in addition to salt, paprika, onion and garlic. Sugar is also added if a sweet taste is desired. To get a little creative and for that extra kick, cocoa meat rub is used to garnish vegetables like potatoes, beans, cauliflower, etc.

Spiced Cocoa

Cocoa spices are used for brewing a sweet and spicy hot beverage. If you look back in time, Aztecs brewed their drinks in cocoa spices and to enhance the flavor they added chili powder to it. In today’s time the beverage is usually brewed with ingredients such as cocoa spices, cinnamon, and vanilla. Dark bittersweet chocolate is used to intensify the richness of the drink.


Dark cocoa beans are grounded to make the cocoa spices. Apart being a useful ingredient in a variety of culinary dishes, cocoa spices has couple of health benefits as well. They contain flavanols that reduces cardiovascular disease risk and inflammation. It is a heart healthy food as it has rich amount of magnesium and magnesium plays a key role in reducing bad- LDL cholesterol. Cocoa also aids body’s sensitivity to insulin thus helps in reducing Type II diabetes.


So, go ahead and include cocoa spices in your dishes and beverages for that extra kick!

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What Are The Uses Of Dark Cocoa Spices