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What Is The Difference Between Cheddar Cheese And American Cheese

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Have you ever wondered, "What is the difference between Cheddar cheese and American cheese?" Well, if you have but didn't know where look for then you have hit the right place for sure. Here through this blog, I am going to enlighten you about the most obvious differences between these 2 changes. Since, both the cheeses are commonly used in several recipes, it sometimes becomes little difficult to identify the difference between Cheddar cheese and American cheese. However, any cheese specialist will be able to identify the cheddar cheese V/s American cheese separately by judging from the look and the smell. 




First of all, both the cheeses are prepared by following different procedures. The cheddar cheese is prepared by adding a lactic substance to warm and heated milk at 86 F. Next, rennet is added to the milk to build up the required consistency. Now, the milk solution is again boiled at 100F, to separate the cheese and whey. After draining the whey, the cheese is allowed to cool and stored for ageing. The ageing is what gives the particular smell and taste to the cheddar.

However, the American cheese is prepared in a completely different way. Initially, this was produced by blending different types of natural cheeses. But, these days it is produced from the blend of various ingredients like milk, milk fat, milk protein concentrate, whey, whey protein concentrate and salt.




Due to the difference in production method, both the cheeses have distinctive appearance. The cheddar cheese generally comes in block shape and normally it is white in color unless the artificial food coloring is used. The main characteristic of cheddar cheese is that it crumbles easily.

The American cheese is much more soft and smooth in comparison to cheddar. You cannot crumble it by any means. Usually this cheese is available as cheese slices, for using inside the sandwiches or burgers.



The taste of cheddar is definitely much sharper, between these two. As it ages a lot, it grows a typical taste as well as strong cheesy flavor. This typical taste and flavor provide the zing to your favorite salads.

The American cheese is rather light, in taste and flavor. You can enjoy the smooth and yummy burger or sandwich with this cheese inside.


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What Is The Difference Between Cheddar Cheese And American Cheese