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How To Identify Different Types Of Berries

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Recognising edible and non edible berries from one another takes skill, and here are a few tips to help you identify the types of berries.


Berries have always been considered as nature’s wonderful gift to mankind. From Berry picking to preserving and pickling, many activities are centered around these berries that grow in the neighborhood. While most of the common varieties of berries are edible, there are certain others that cannot be eaten because they are poisonous.


Know Your Berries

The most popular of the berries are the strawberries - hailed as an exotic fruit, the blackberries and the blueberries both used in preparing traditional desserts. Colour is one of the most important determinants of a berry. Blackberry and blueberries are named after their colour. The size of a berry is also a determinant. While some are small, others can be fairly large and that can help you figure out what sort of berry it is.


One of the easiest tips to check a berry is to see if it has any bumps on its surface. Raspberries have a rough course surface while the blueberries are round and smooth.  The plant on which the berries are found are also determinants of the kind of berry they are. The texture of the leaf, the plant, tree or vine in which grows are all determinants, which will tell you what you are dealing with. So by comparing just the size, shape, colour, texture and type of plant it grows on one can come to a conclusion about the kind of berries they are dealing with.


Stay Away From These

The holly, which is used to decorate homes on Christmas, is also a berry. But this is toxic and is therefore not edible. These are small and red and eating one of them might cause vomiting and diarrhea. Yew is another type of berry which comes in red and blue shades, has poisonous seeds. Privet is black in colour and the plant has purple flowers, but it is mildly poisonous.


Unless you are an expert on the topic of berries and can identify one from the other, it is not advisable to eat wild berries. Always bring them back home and check with others to verify the category of berry.

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How To Identify Different Types Of Berries