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Kids Can Thrive On Vegetarian Diets Too

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Kids can thrive on vegetarian diets too – yes, you have read it right! Many of us still believe that any meatless diet is not nutritious and slows down the overall health development of a child. This is not at all true. In fact this has been proved by several researches in the recent times.


Dieticians often get clients who wonder, if a meat free diet will be healthy for their kid? Kids and vegetarian diet is one of the most debatable topics among parents and dieticians. There are several kids who show a liking towards vegetarian foods – it is recommended that in case of such children, parents should start off a vegetarian diet as soon as possible. It is just important to ensure that the kid is getting a balanced diet.


Any vegetarian diet can be healthy for kids as long as it is well planned. Even vegan diets, which exclude some important dairy foods as well as eggs, can be healthy for kids, as long as it is well planned. In fact, in the year 2009, in the American Dietetic Association it was unanimously agreed that vegetarian diets for adolescents and kids can actually help them throughout their lives by developing very healthy eating patterns among kids. Kids and vegetarian diet is all about ensuring that every meal is full of nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals which is essential for the health growth of mind and body.


However, parents need to understand a few things, if they have a vegetarian diet plan for their kids. Vegetarian diets are usually very high in fiber and are found to be very filling. Hence, a child on a vegetarian diet might have a full stomach very easily. In such a situation, it is recommended that you include a variety of foods in the kids diet and try to  feed them small meals  at equal intervals of time. This might be a tough task because kids are normally fussy eaters, but if you manage to prepare variety of foods; your child will show keen interest in what you have to offer. The debate on kids and vegetarian diet continues with more revelations on how a well planned vegetarian diet can help to improve the health of  a  child.


Mark Sardut, an eminent dietician says  “On a vegan diet, iron and protein rich sources are limited mainly to legumes and nuts, and growing adolescents need to eat a lot of these foods to get sufficient protein. You could argue that there’s protein in whole grains – but it’s pretty dilute. Soy foods like tofu have a protein profile that’s almost identical to meat and are safe to include - the key is to eat them in moderation and as one of a mix of different plant proteins. “


What do you have to say on kids and vegetarian diet? Let us know your experience!


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Kids Can Thrive On Vegetarian Diets Too