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How To Use Black Russian Tomato

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Black Russian tomato is a gourmet food that has sweet flavor and enhances the taste of almost any recipe in which it is used. The knowledge of how to use black Russian tomatoes would be helpful in using black Russian tomatoes in recipes when they are available in your nearby super market.


Before we discuss further on how to use black Russian tomato, let me brief you a little bit, on its history and the specialty of black tomatoes. Black Russian tomato is a form of black tomato. European soldiers took the seeds from Ukraine to Russia. Today almost 50 different kinds of black tomatoes are available in Russia and Black Russian tomato is one of the most popular varieties of black tomatoes available. It is black in color with a greenish tone.


The best way to use black Russian tomato is by eating it raw as it tastes almost like peach with its gentle sweet flavor. Using black Russian tomatoes is not so popular because of its color and odd shape, however the taste of the black tomato is so good that it almost compensates for it plain look. Once tasted, you will fall in love with it and probably go hunting for them again and again.


Here are a couple of recipes that involves cooking black Russian tomatoes 


Mexican Salsa Fresca
It is a hot, sweet and sour salsa recipe that is made by using black Russian tomatoes. The jalapeno imparts spiciness to the salsa while the avocado and black Russian tomato gives it a sweet taste. A splash of lime juice is responsible for the sour flavors and garlic, onion and cilantro is used for seasoning. It’s a great dish to serve on a party.


Beetroot and Black Russian Tomato Soup with Feta Cheese
This is a uniquely healthy soup to have. Beetroot is extremely healthy with loads of antioxidants, fiber and anti cancerous elements. The tomatoes are luscious with a sweet taste and they blend well with beetroot forming a rich red colored soup. Garnish the soup with crumbled feta cheese for a creamy texture and a tinge of salt.


Apart form the above two specific black Russian tomato recipes; there are many other ways of using black Russian tomato. Since it is a type of black tomato, one can replace black tomatoes with black Russian tomato and make black tomato recipes more interesting.


Try using black Russian tomatoes in below recipes that use black tomatoes and feel the difference in the taste.

  • Black Tomato Marmalade 
    You can make above recipe using black Russian tomatoes to make this amazing recipe all the more savory.


  • Black Tomato Shallot and Brie Sandwich
    Use black Russian tomato and shallots with Brie for making sandwiches. The sweet smoky flavor of black Russian black tomatoes will enhance the taste many times.


Black Russian tomatoes are like delicacy, if you do not find them in your city the best way is to grow them. They are so tasty that all the efforts towards growing them will prove worth.


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How To Use Black Russian Tomato