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Types of Sharp Cheeses

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cheeseThere are many types of sharp cheeses in the world.Sharp cheeses possess a strong and fully developed flavor.  It is a fact that cheese gains sharpness with age. When cheeses age for a minimum of nine months period they are believed to be sharp. And when they age for at least 15 months, they are regarded as extra sharp cheeses. In order to bring out extremely delicious flavor, you can pair sharp cheeses with a variety of food and wine.



Blue cheese has a tangy flavor which makes it a great one to be served on salads or be paired along with fruits like raisins, figs and pears. Blue cheese can also be paired perfectly with sparkling wines, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon or Port. In addition to its sharpness, it also has a peppery flavor.



Several varieties of cheddar cheese are sharp. Some of its varieties are rather extra sharp. White cheddar cheese offers an extra kick. Cheddar cheese can be used in endless ways, such as in the form of a pizza topping or even in salads. Sharp cheddar is best served along with crackers, apples or completely on its own.



Limburger is best known for its strong flavor as well as its aroma. This German cheese can be best served with certain other strong tastes like onions, dark bread and sausages. If we talk about wines, limburger goes well with full-bodied red wine or beer.



Asiago cheese basically comes from Italy. It is generally mild in flavor, but it turns sharp as it ages. You can easily judge from the outer wax coating of the cheese whether it is aged and sharp. As the cheese ages, the wax changes from white to black color. Asiago when grated over pasta or potatoes taste great. It can also be added into quesadillas and pizza as  topping. This cheese is best served with Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot. It pairs well with apples, grapes, pears and  crusty breads.


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Types Of Sharp Cheeses