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How To Keep Your Powdered Spices Soft

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You should learn how to keep your powdered spices soft and fresh because dry spices also have a shelf life and if you do not store them properly, they shall get spoilt. If you do not store powdered spices properly, they will become clump and harden, losing their potency and becoming useless in a short span of time. Fortunately, keeping powdered spices soft is an easy task – you just need to learn the method of keeping them soft.


Airtight containers – It is recommended to keep all powdered spices in airtight containers. If air is not allowed inside the containers, the spices will surely last for a longer period. If the container is airtight and if kept in optimal conditions, you can be assured that your spices are going to stay fresh for almost 3 years. Air tight containers are recommended because they ensure that moisture is not entering the spices which are a main reason for their caking.


Silica gel – This is also a good way to ensure that your powdered spices are soft. In case, you are not sure about air entering the spices, you can place a packet of food grade silica gel in your spice container. Silica gel is very effective in absorbing the moisture and preventing spices to cake. If you cannot manage to get airtight storage containers, then silica gel packets are recommended.


Place – Powdered spices need to be stored in a dry and cool place like a kitchen cabinet or a cupboard which is away from direct heat. Any place which is moist or damp should be avoided, like places near your sink. The dampness and moisture of the place shall effect the freshness of your spices and make it cake. It is true that your work becomes easier when you have spices in easily accessible places and kitchen counters, but such places have an adverse effect on your spice. The heat and exposure will spoil the spice. You should never store powdered spices near any window or stove. It is best to store powdered spices in cabinets which are a little away from heat and dry areas.


If you wish to keep your spices soft, never hold the spice container on top of any steaming pot or heated utensil which has steaming. This shall introduce steam into the container which shall result in the spices clumping up. Thus, when you need to use the spices, you can measure them out when you need them and keep them aside in a bowl or container so that you can use them as and when you desire.


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How To Keep Your Powdered Spices Soft