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Have You Tried Bear Meat Yet?

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Bear Meat

Meat eating is nothing new, and human beings are known to try out different types of meat in order to satisfy their appetites.  But have you tried bear meat yet? Surprised? Well, most of us would be because bear meat is not really considered to be an every food item and is certainly not found in the freezers of the supermarket.




However, the tradition of hunting and killing the bear has been going on from times immemorial, right from the period when the giant Cave bears roamed the earth during the Ice ages. The early settlers who set foot on the American soil were also eager to hunt down the bears and bear meat became quite a delicacy when the white man landed on the shores of America intending to make it their home.


The hunting and eating of bear meat was forbidden by law only in the 1900s but they regularly made their way into our plates until as late as the 1950s. The cookbooks of those times bears proof of the fact with most of them providing details about the slaughtering and cooking of tender bear meat.


Bear meat preparations were considered to be haute cuisines by our ancestors as well. However, bear meat is not all that different from the other animals that find their way into our plates regularly. The only discerning factor about the bear meat is that it looks horribly similar to a human being after it has been skinned. The color of the meat isn’t a dead giveaway though. It may look a little more redder than the pale venison but is certainly lighter than pork.  The lamb meat is the closest that it can come to in color.


The earliest Pelmeni eaten in Siberia was made with bear meat. A wholesome dumpling with plenty of onions and garlic along with delectable bear meat makes a tasty morsel indeed!  The first thing that may astonish you though is that the bear meat is not smelly at all. On the contrary, it has a rich earthy flavor and is juicy when cooked just right. The first bite will tell you that it is certainly not beef, it is much more savory than the commonplace cattle that we get to eat every day.


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Have You Tried Bear Meat Yet?