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These Potatoes Make The Best Fries

These Potatoes Make The Best FriesWe all love potatoes. It is not that difficult to point out and say, “these potatoes make the best fries” because by now, we know what kind of potatoes work best for fries. The potato fries are perhaps the most constantly abused dish, because 99% percent of all the dietitians and the fancy media health gurus ask us to stay away from it. Of course, potatoes are high on starch but they are also a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, fiber and Vitamin C. The starch present in the potatoes are easily digestible by the body and the USA sends shiploads of potatoes to feed the hungry children in Africa. I bet you did not know that, did you?


The Russet and Idaho potatoes are the top preferred varieties when it comes to making those yummy, lip smacking fries. They are often sorted out by the fry-makers because of their high starch and low moisture content. When they are fried they continue to hold their shape throughout and have that nice crispiness. I bet that is what all the fast food giants like KFC and McDonald's are looking for in a potato. The shape of the Russet potato is nice and long, and it is just perfect for the long french and steak fries. Since the Russet and Idaho potatoes have very less moisture, they tend to soak up the immediate moisture around them and lose their shape easily which makes them fall apart easily too. But on the other hand, it is a good quality if your soup is too thin. You can use these potatoes to thicken the soups. Personally, I think the Russet potatoes help one to make the best mashed potatoes in the history of potato cooking in America. The other potatoes like the red potatoes, new potatoes and sweet potatoes can be used for pan frying too. Because of their shape and size, they are best suited for home made fries and not for making the fries in the huge commercial food chains.


The Russet potato is a versatile vegetable that is affordable. And it also blends well with other foods and spices because of its neutral flavor. So by now, (if you didn't know it already) you know that for making the best fries in town, you have to either use the Russet potatoes or the Idaho potatoes.


Happy Frying!


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These Potatoes Make The Best Fries