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Tea As Good As Water For Hydration

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Contrary to common belief that tea dehydrates, a new study has showed that drinking 3-4 cups of tea a day is equally good like drinking water throughout the day. It may even have extra health benefits. Hence, tea can be considered as good as water for hydration.

Latest Study on Tea: The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in its latest study, shows that tea not only hydrates like water but also protects us from heart diseases and some kinds of cancers. This happens because of an important polyphenol antioxidant present in the tea, called flavonoids, which promote health. Scientists believe that this antioxidant, which is also present in several foods and plants, can prevent cell damage.

Drinking Tea Is Better Than Water: Referring to published studies on tea consumption’s health effects, Kings College London’s Public health nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton said that clear proof has been found that up to four cups of tea, if consumed a day, can reduce chances of heart attack. According to Dr Ruxton, drinking tea is even better than drinking water since water only replaces fluid needs, while tea replaces fluids as well as adds antioxidants good for the body. Some also claim that tea consumption protects you against cancer, but the concept is not widely accepted yet. Tea is also good to protect potential tooth decay, tooth plaque because it contains fluoride. It is also considered good for bones.

Dr Ruxton explains why tea is good like water: Dr Ruxton says that several studies claim that very high doses of caffeine dehydrate the body, prompting people to think that any caffeine-containing beverage dehydrates, which is actually not true. She explains that even a strong cup of tea or coffee will give you net gain of fluid. Dr Ruxton said, “It’s a common misconception that drinking tea can increase the risk of dehydration because of the caffeine content. But this new study proves that there is absolutely no truth behind the theory.” Moreover, nobody has yet proved that tea consumption is a health hazard. However, researchers argue that tea can obstruct the body to absorb iron and other necessary elements from food. Dr Ruxton suggested not to drink more than three cups of tea a day to stay fit and healthy.

British Nutrition Foundation’s Claire Williamson also supported Dr Ruxton’s claims and said that the laboratory studies have shown potential health benefits. She stressed on the need to do more studies, at the same time, conceded about the health benefits of polyphenols, which help in reducing cancers and heart diseases.

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Tea As Good As Water For Hydration