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How To Keep Your Spices Moisture-Free

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Keeping spices dry is an important part of storing spices in kitchen because they tend to lose their aroma when exposed to moisture. If you love spices and like to experiment with them, then learn how to keep your spices moisture free to retain their flavors for a long time.


The right way of keeping spices dry involves the following process.



  • If you have bought spices in bulk, split them in small quantities either in air tight containers or poly bags.
  • Place all small pouches of spices in a single air tight container. Splitting in small portions has a big advantage, only a small portion of the spices is exposed to heat, light and humidity when taken out for use.
  • Write the date of purchase or date of packing of the spices. You will not have to tease your brain to calculate the storage time.
  • Some spices like dry red chili can be dabbed with oil to retain its dryness.
  • Never keep spices in refrigerator, the moisture inside it will spoil the spices soon. Always store spices in freezer.
  • Tupperware containers are best for keeping spices dry. They are air tight and whatever moisture is retained in the box can be removed by opening the cover slightly and sealing it back quickly.
  • Tin containers and glass bottles can also be used for storing spices at home. People who do not store spices in refrigerators can store them in tin containers and glass bottles.
  • Tin container protects spices from light and moisture while a glass bottle saves the spices from moisture and heat. So if the spice is stored in kitchen, it is advisable to use glass container and tin containers should be kept in a store room away from the gas stove or cooking area.


Tips for storing Spices

  • Spices should be stored in air tight containers.
  • The place for storing spices should be dark, dry and cool. Light, heat and moisture degrade the aroma of spices.
  • Displaying spices in kitchen is not a good idea; the heat generated in the kitchen will spoil the spices.
  • Whole spices can be stored in the freezer for about 3 years; they will remain as fresh as newly purchased spices.
  • Grounded spices can be stored in freezer for upto 6 months only.


Above simple techniques will be helpful for keeping spices dry for long term use. You can buy spices in bulk for a discounted rate and store them safely.


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How To Keep Your Spices Moisture-Free