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What Are The Types Of Canned Vegetables

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Veggies that can be canned

It is often observed that not all types of vegetables survive through the preserving means of canning. So, here’s some light on “What Are The Types of Canned Vegetables”, that may be preserved for a long period of time without undergoing any significant changes in their nutritional value. These vegetables can be essentially contained in an air tight container to keep away the intruding bacteria and augment their life span. 

So, before you make the mistake of canning the wrong veggie and wonder what went wrong, scroll below to learn the right varieties of canned vegetables.


The Roots of the plant

Roots and tubers are referred as the underground edible portion of the plant. Examples of this kind of vegetables include beets, sweet potatoes, carrots and potatoes. It is significant to note that these veggies survive through the entire period of preservation, without any significant reduction in their nutrient content. To be more specific, the high Vitamin A percentage of carrot, folic acid of beet root, and Vitamin C of sweet potato remain unaltered even after months of canned preservation.


Legumes are basically the seed part of the plant which is appropriate for human consumption. Foods that are included in this kind of vegetable are varieties in beans, like, red, black, pinto, lima, butter and more. Canning essentially locks the nutrient content, namely, folic acid,  dietary fiber, proteins of these legumes without bringing any noticeable alteration in their natural flavor.

Green leafy vegetables

Green vegetables especially, spinach, green portion of the turnip, mustard greens et al are excellent for canning for a longer life span. Canning keeps their nutrient content, especially, calcium potassium, folic acid, iron and Vitamin A intact for a long time. Therefore, when the eater consumes these vegetables, nevertheless the time period of preservation, his body is nourished with the nutrients in the same percentage as found in their fresh or unprocessed form.

The edible stems of the plant

Veggies like asparagus, bamboo shoots and more are commonly available in cans in grocery stores. This preservation method is the sole means of conserving all their nutrients, especially, fiber, potassium, iron for a long time.

Canning vegetables is a game and can be easily done at home. However, it is imperative to choose the right vegetable, from the above mentioned list, to successfully preserve it for as long as you desire. 

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What Are The Types Of Canned Vegetables