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How To Use Rosewater - Its Many Uses

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From centuries, pantries have been using rosewater to make recipes aromatic with its mild but nice odor. It is also considered good for skin as it can heal certain skin problems. Rosewater can be used in many ways. Here are a few tips on how to use rosewater.


Rosewater with oranges: Ever wondered what can you do by pairing rosewater and oranges? Well rosewater can complement its citrus partner in a variety of ways by making rosewater baklava, rosewater meringues. You can also sprinkle orange segments with few rosewater drops in chilled water. Serve chilled after adding fine sugar with lots of ice.

Brightens Already Fresh Fruits: Adding rosewater drops on fresh strawberries brighten the already fresh fruits. You will notice an extra sparkle when you sprinkle on the freshly prepared strawberries.

Replacement for Sugar Syrups: Chefs around the world use rosewater instead of sugar syrup in a variety of dessert recipes. One good example is baklava, a pastry made of layers of phyllo dough sweetened with rosewater drops or sugar syrup or honey, and filled with rich chopped nuts.

For Freshness: Pour a few drops of rosewater in sorbet, which is a kind of frozen dessert and is usually made from fruit juice. The addition of rosewater refreshes apple or berry fruits used in the sorbets.

Aromatic: Rosewater can also add richness if a few drops of the product, which is created while producing rose oil, are poured in buttery biscuits and cookies. You can feel the aroma of rosewater in your favorite butter biscuit recipe upon pouring just a few drops of it. Not only it brings aroma in food, but it can also freshen your surroundings if you spray it in your room. Use it as an air-freshener or disinfectant for bathrooms, animal beds and carpets.

Exotic: A simple rice pudding can be turned into an exotic dessert by pouring a few drops of rosewater along with chopped dried fruits.

Medicinal Uses: Rosewater can also be used to soothe a sunburn. It also gently disinfects the skin and can be used to prevent infection and irritation.

Skin care: Rosewater is considered good for skin as it helps in balancing the pH levels. It also soothes many forms of dermatitis and is good for both dry and oily skin types. People often use it in place of water while making homemade cream and lotion recipes.

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How To Use Rosewater - Its Many Uses