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10 Salads With Root Vegetables

A fort of nutrients, high in fiber, rooted in good health, onions, carrots, beetroots, sweet potatoes,  parsnips, swede, pumpkins and squash, show you the natural route to health and well-being. To make salads with root vegetables adds oodles of health – raw, wholesome refreshment.

So are you ready to spruce up for some 10 salads with root vegetables and fortify your health with folic acid(beets),  antioxidants( cancer-fighting capabilities as in carrot, swede) detoxifiers ( all root vegetables- parsnips especially, as they are high in fiber and aid in bowel movements), flavanoids (onions), Vitamin E(sweet potatoes),  vitamin C, zinc and carotenes (pumpkin and squash)?

Here are a few ideas on salads with root vegetables:

•    Honey-roasted root vegetables : Here carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips and onions  are roasted in honey and dressed in extra virgin olive oil, vinegar sherry, pepper; topped with herbs such as sage, chives, tarragon and parsley etc.

•    Root vegetable with maple cinnamon vinaigrette : Carrots, parsnip, sweet potato,  sunchokes (all shredded); dried cranberries in maple cinnamon vinaigrette (made of cinnamon, Dijon mustard, maple syrup) and you have one of the 10 salads with root vegetables, which is a ‘spice ‘n’ crunch’ for a typical winter day.

•    Root vegetable salad in grilled chili dressing :  Fresh beetroots, carrots, the heart of celery, radishes, radicchio and fennel bulb. The thinly sliced carrots, beats and finely chopped  heart of celery, with radishes and radicchio, and the fennel bulb is to be added to the mix of root veggies. This salad with root vegetables is tossed in grilled chili and sprinkled with the remaining finely sliced fennel bulbs.

•    Marinated root vegetable salad :  Red onions, white turnips, carrots, kohl rabi, radicchio, celeriac, blanched and blended   in a mix of flavorful spices   and herbed dressing with parsley and tarragon.- you can’t ask for a better of the 10 salads with root vegetables.

•    Roasted winter root vegetable salads :  Carrots, parsnips, turnips, red beets, red onions, cut and roasted  lemon-herb vinaigrette in balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and sage and thyme. The salad served warm...Can you find a better crunch for a wintry evening?

•    Roasted root vegetable and wheat berry salad :  A mélange of root vegetable such as carrots, root of celery, parsnips, butter squash, rutabagas,  cut and roasted and spiced up with wheat-berries cooked with bay leaf and other herbs and spices such as thyme and black pepper – a blend, that is  succulent and tasty.

•    Lentil salad with roasted root vegetables : Carrot, celery root, beets, scallions, roasted with red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey and olive oil, with lentils boiled to a chewable state-  proteins and vitamins on a platter with unrivaled flavor.

•    Raw kale salad with sweet root vegetables : With destemmed kale, turnips, carrots, green onions and other peppy ingredients in a dressing of olive lemon juice, agave nectar, low-sodium soy- sauce. A sweet salad among the 10 salads with root vegetables.

•    Roasted root vegetables and pesto salad :,  Carrots, parsnips, turnip, onions, potato, beetroot roasted in pesto sauce, dressed in olive oil and pesto sauce – you get  the tinge of Italian flavor in your salad .   

•    Sweet potato salad: Sweet potato, stalks of celery, white onions, navel orange in a blend of mayonnaise, orange juice, mustard powder, orange zest, salt, pepper and grated-ginger and served with lettuce leaves. A sweet potato, to add to the spirit of sweetness to a salad with root vegetables.

•    Carrot salad with harissa, feta and mint :  Coarsely grated carrots spiced up with paprika, cumin seeds, harissa(north African chili paste), garlic , caraway seeds with herbs such as parsley, fresh mint to “dress-up” with feta cheese.

Well, if you are looking at striking a balance between health and tasteful eating, and are mulling over getting into the root-depth of root vegetable for their innumerable health benefits,  our ideas about 10 salads with root vegetables spearhead your mission with all strength!

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10 Salads With Root Vegetables