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How To Go On A Flexitarian Diet – Lose Weight In Vegetarian Way

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This is a very unique way to lose weight – learn how to go on a flexitarian diet and lose weight by eating more of vegetables and less of meat. This is the main plan for those who wish to follow this diet…this  plan can be followed for 2 months at a stretch. You can keep continuing it, if your body gets accustomed to meat-less foods and diet which is rich in vegetables.  It is a great way to get the health benefits of vegetarian foods without having to compromise completely on meat intake. There are no strict rules to be followed – your diet chart is flexible and at the end of the plan, you will realize you have a healthy body and have lost weight too.


Here are some tips for a flexitarian diet.


Beginners – If you are just starting this diet, you need to start by having 2 meatless meals in a week. This shouldn’t be a tough task – also remember that the total meat and poultry consumption for the rest of the days should not be more than 26 ounces. As soon as you find, that you are comfortable with such meatless meals, you should try and make it to 4 – 5 days in a week.


Proteins – If you are a beginner, you need to ensure that you are getting at least 50gm of protein each day. This can be from lean meat or from vegetables such as seeds, nuts and beans. Suppose you have a 7 ounce of chickpeas you will get 16 gm of proteins while a 5ounce of tofu shall give you 10 gm of proteins and a boiled egg shall give you 7.5 gm of proteins.


Healthy vegetables – If you are replacing meat, it does not mean, you will have some unhealthy fried foods which are fatty. You need to have vegetables and fresh fruits in its place. You just need to fill a large portion of your plate with some healthy vegetables and fruits. The remaining portions you can fill with proteins and whole grains. This means that in a flexitarian diet, healthy vegetables should make up at least 50% of your meal.


Variety in meals – Since you are going to have vegetables in large quantities, it is important to bring in variety to your meals. Choose vegetables in several colors and keep changing their ways of preparation. Try out newer soups, roasted vegetables, grilled or baked  foods – in fact, sauced vegetables will also taste wonderful.


A flexitarian diet can be a very effective diet, if you know how to plan your meals. Since you will be reducing your meat intake, it shall save you from several additional calories in the form of fats which is often unavoidable in case of meat dishes.


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How To Go On A Flexitarian Diet – Lose Weight In Vegetarian Way