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How Fake Eggs Entered Burmese Market

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I suddenly came across this ‘Breaking News’ in Burma’s state run Television – it warned buyers about fake eggs entering Burma! I stayed glued to the television set wondering how fake eggs would look like and how they would taste! Well, I soon realized that things were not as funny as I initially felt - this isn’t something to joke about. It bewildered the authorities – how fake eggs entered Burmese market and more-so, the way these are being sold in the open and unsuspecting buyers are unknowingly buying these eggs for consumption.


Fake eggs – what are these? This is what struck my mind first and how to know if eggs are fake? If such entry is not controlled immediately, it can cause serious health issues and you never know – you might just be the next fake egg eater!


Television channels are loud and warning buyers desperately to stay away from eggs until they know how to differentiate between fake and natural eggs. These eggs are believed to have entered the Burmese markets through the border areas and are in circulation in different areas of Burma. If you stay somewhere close to the Burmese border area, you need to be extra careful. Fake eggs are actually chemically made and are quite dark in color. These eggs do not have a separate core.


These look very similar to chicken eggs and if not checked properly, it shall be very difficult to 538699-fake-eggs-look-very-similar-to-poultry-and-is-hard-to-detect.jpgsizearticle-medium identify them – but can you believe that eggs can be made of chemicals? Hold on – it might scare you when you now that the white egg shell is made from benzoic acid, chemical, baking powders and jelly. The much loved delicious yolk     is made from some unknown yellowish powder which is mixed with some other unknown chemicals based liquid and another liquid which is known as ‘magic water’ which is made from calcium chloride!                                                     


The white and yolk of this chemical egg is separated by pouring yolk and egg white in an oval shaped container. The egg shell of a wax mixture that contains paraffin and a much unknown chemical liquid. In totality this egg looks like a complete real egg.


Buyers are cautioned and need to be very careful while buying eggs in Burmese markets. The clever sellers know how to dupe buyers – they have already mixed these eggs with natural poultry eggs so that buyers are not able to detect such fake eggs. It is recommended to check each and every egg before you carry them home so that you are sure of not carrying fake eggs to home. Such eggs have absolute no nutrition value and on the other hand, these can lead to many types of health problems. Just be aware because the next egg you may have may be one of the fake eggs which are circulating in the market.

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How Fake Eggs Entered Burmese Market