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How To Use Toasted Sesame Oil?

Sesame oil is strongly flavorful that you will simply drool like a child at the thought of it. But toasted sesame oil made from roasted sesame seeds, the roasted aroma blending with the indigenous flavors of sesame seeds and viola! You see yourself rising in toast to the toasted sesame oil. How to use toasted sesame oil for that extra ounce of flavor and double-spirited smack from your lips?
As mentioned, toasted sesame oil is prepared from sesame seeds, which are dry-roasted. Apart from the nutty and the roasted flavor the oil is famous for, it is also popular for the high health quotient it carries.

Let’s take a quick peek at the health benefits of the oil so that the many uses of toasted sesame oil makes you feel enriched with knowledge of its potential.

Sesame oil chiefly used in oriental and Asian cooking , was hailed for its medicinal properties since ancient times. Popularly used for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties,  the oil reaps health benefits even for the heart. Rich in polyunsaturated fats, sesame oil both the natural and the toasted variant, helps to lower the bad cholesterol. By virtue of is medicinal properties, sesame oil is good for arthritis, diabetes, heart-ailments, high blood-pressure and auto-immune disorders.

With a wide spectrum of health benefits from sesame oil, culinary expertise is more focused on finding uses for toasted sesame oil in various forms of cooking.
How to use toasted sesame oil : -

•    Stir-fry :Toasted sesame oil can be used in many stir-fry recipes, as the oil has high resistance to heat, it is ideal to mix the oil with other cooking oils to get the best output. Stir-fry Recipes using sesame oil usually recommend that the oil is added once the cooking is almost done.

•    Sautéing : Here the toasted sesame oil can be used in combination with other cooking oils so that the mildly-flavored vegetables aren’t doused in the flavor of sesame oil. A blend of other flavors will add the distinction of sesame oil’s aroma and at the same time preserve the flavor of the ingredients being sautéed.

•    Salads : Typically, most Asian salads emanate the aroma of nuts which originates from sesame oil and one best way on how to use toasted sesame oil is to use it as a dressing in salads. The succulent veggies along with the nutty flavor ‘wed’ the perfect way to make it the best ‘nutty crunch’!

•    Noodles :  Most of the Chinese and Asian noodles (soba noodles) make use of toasted sesame oil or toasted sesame seeds for the finishing touch or the sesame  oil can also be used to stir-fry the veggies used in the noodles.

•    Braised vegetables : To get the best flavor of toasted sesame oil in its full richness, it should be used in recipes, which employ braising techniques in cooking- be it vegetables or meat.

•    Marinades : How to use toasted sesame oil in marinades? The basic Asian-style marinades include a combination of soy-sauce, sesame oil garlic ginger and mustard. Now if you substitute the toasted version of the sesame oil, you get that extra tinge of flavor when your meat is broiled or grilled.

•    Vinaigrettes : Vinaigrette dressings with toasted sesame oil are as tempting and scrumptious as the aroma that wafts through the dish. There is the sesame soy vinaigrette or the sesame vinaigrette, toasted sesame wasabi vinaigrette which makes a delightful combo ‘dressing-up’ your dish in the most flavorful way.

•    Sauces : Many of your favorite sauces especially used in the preparation of asian dishes can be made by using toasted sesame oil as the base oil. This in combination with other ingredients brings out a rich flavor in the sauce. For instance, sesame sauce can be made using toasted sesame oil (than the plain variant).

Now, with these tips on how to use toasted sesame oil, you can crunch upon the sesame seeds of good health, and extract the oil to lubricate your cooking in the most tasteful way.

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How To Use Toasted Sesame Oil?