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Fruits & Vegetables Make You Look Sexy!

Fruits & Vegetables Make You Look Sexy! We have heard about  Nature’s bloom feeding your health but making you look sexy? Yes. Fruits and vegetable can help you achieve that look, which brands you as sexy.
Looking sexy is not just about flaunting a voluptuous figure or being shaped on the lines of a mannequin. It is about youth, radiance and grace – in short oodles of health for the mind and body - reflected in every pore of your skin- the most essential, sexy garment of your body.

A general survey conducted on a Caucasian group revealed that the definition of a sexy outlook is that of yellowness, brightness and rosiness of the skin. And of course glowing with youth and good health is an equally important factor to contribute to that sexy look-  which means to say that the human body should be able to combat degenerating ailments and also the aging triggers within its system.

Now, fruits and vegetables are enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, which play a vital role in skin care. Antioxidants fight anti-aging signs and also degenerating diseases such as cancer. Whereas, vitamins go deep beneath the surface of the skin and mobilize/fortify the life processes in all possible ways to ensure good health.

From the endocrine system, to the digestive, respiratory, reproductive system, plant nutrients are the essentials for overall healthy functioning- surfacing to the outer-layers of the body and making it attractive, which is why fruits and vegetable play a vital role in making you look sexy.

Additionally, fruits and vegetables having high amount of water and fiber helps to flush out the toxins from the body, which is equally important to keep the blood pure, amply supplied with oxygen, which in turn would breathe life into your skin.

As for the color preferences of the skin (for the sexy look), the yellowness, lightness, and rosiness can be contributed by the caretenoid pigments which are present in high quantities in both these plant foods. And, as mentioned , the plant pigments are a high –source of dietary pigments which are also used by brightly colored birds and fish, for a colorful display on their skin(signifying healthiness) to attract mates.

Evolution has signaled a complex functionality in humans controlled by the mind-power, from health to beauty; but nature has also revealed some of her deep secrets in the way of fruits and vegetables, which make you look sexy, the healthy and beautiful way.

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Fruits & Vegetables Make You Look Sexy!