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Is it Normal to Gain Weight after Going Vegetarian?

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At times you may wonder is it normal to gain weight after going vegetarian.  The answer is yes , it is very normal to gain weight after going vegetarian. 

Unhealthy vegetarian food habits adds to weight.




Vegetarian diets that are rich in protein sources like lentils and beans, fruits and vegetables, are low in fat and calories. On the other hand, vegetarian diets that substitute meat with high-fat cheeses are high in calorie as well as fat.



If you consume a vegetarian diet, you must ensure that you get enough iron, protein, calcium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and zinc. If you follow a vegan diet, which does not contain dairy products, you must take additional supplement to get Vitamin B12.



If you are considering switching to a complete vegetarian diet, follow steps that can make this transition easier. Try gradually decreasing your meatless meals and start experimenting with meat substitutions, like vegetarian chili along with extra black beans or may be a sandwich with hummus.


Losing Weight

If you are looking forward to lose weight you should eat fewer calories than you burn. Try to exercise for maximum days of the week and eat a well balanced vegetarian diet.  Set your aim to lose weight at a slow pace. It is good if you lose about one or two pounds a week initially, according to the CDC.


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Is It Normal To Gain Weight After Going Vegetarian?