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How To Use Peach In Recipes

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Peach is a nutritious yet delicious fruit that can be eaten in raw form or cooked form. Do you want to know how to use peach in recipes to increase your daily intake of peaches?


Peach Cake

Peach cake is the most popular peach recipe. It is easy to cook and an all time favorite recipe. Peach is the only fruit in the cake, derived from freshly cut peaches. Canned peaches can also serve the purpose.


Peach Bread Pudding

Peach bread pudding is a delicious dish made with peaches and condensed milk. This pudding is served with caramel sauce.


Peach Pie

Peach pie is a lovely peach recipe. The outer crust of the pie is crunchy and crispy while the inner peach filling is sweet and soft. Peach pies are best served for desserts in summer nights with some ice-cream.


Peach Chutney
Sweet, spicy and tangy peach chutney is best paired with grilled chicken, fish and sautéed meat. A mixture of peaches, onion, red ball pepper, ginger, garlic, lime juice, vinegar, honey and a pinch or two of curry powder are blended into a grinder for peach chutney.


Peach and Raisin Muffin
Muffin tastes great and if it is with an amazing seasonal fruit like peach, what else can one ask for. Mix flour, sugar, milk and eggs in a bowl. Place raisins in muffin cases and pour the flour mixture. Top it with a piece of peach. Place it in a baking tray and inside a pre-heated oven. Serve it in a plate with hot chocolate.


Cold Peach Strawberry Soup

Blend peach, strawberry, lemon juice and sugar in a food processor. Chill it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Served in bowl with lemon slice and mint garnish.


Baked Chicken with Peach
Baking chicken in peach and brown sugar produces an excellent hassle free main course dish. Half cup of sugar is sprinkled over chicken breasts. Add peach slices and again sprinkle half cup of sugar. Garnish with ginger, lime juice and few cloves. Bake for 30 minutes with occasional basting. Cook until the juices are absorbed and the chicken is tender.


Peach and Ham Salad with Emmental Crisp

Peach and ham make a tangy yet sweet salad suitable for a main course meal. To make cheese crisps, finely grate the cheese and place small heaps leaving space in between over a baking sheet. Bake it for 6 to 8 minutes, the cheese will melt and form crisp lace like structure. Toss this cheese with peaches, hams, salad leaves and onions. Add a dash of lime juice and serve fresh.


Peach Jam
Peach jam is a great way to store your peaches. Eat it with bread; children just love this sweet homemade jam.


Iced Peach Tea

Make tea and peach juice separately. Mix tea and peach juice while serving and top it up with loads of ice.


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How To Use Peach In Recipes