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How To Use Apple Zest

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so why just eat apple and throw away the zest! For a weird question like how to use apple zest, I have some very interesting ideas for using apple zest. Try these simple techniques of using the nutritious apple zest.


Apple Zest Jelly
Simmer red apple zests in water until they turn soft to make jelly. The jelly has a lovely red color and tastes superb. To flavor up the jelly vinegar, hot pepper, cardamom, rosemary or sage can be added.


Pink Tea
Apple zests can be brewed to form a pink concoction. Boil little fresh or dried apple zest in water for a apple flavored tea.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best product one can make with apple zests that would otherwise go into dustbin. Dry apple zest in air and place them in a big bottle, add water and cover the bottle with a thin cloth to allow air to flow in and out of the bottle. I like the fact that one need not wait for a long time to collect apple peels; they can be added to the bottle almost every day until a grey layer is seen on top of the water. When this happens, the mixture should be allowed to ferment for about a month without disturbing. After a month, taste the vinegar, when it is strong enough the concoction can be strained in a cloth to remove zests and what we get is apple cider vinegar.



Apple zest can be mixed in smoothies for some fiber.


Apple Sauce

Apple peels can be mixed with some apples for making apple sauce. With few apples and few peels, a good quantity of apple sauce can be achieved.



Fresh or refrigerated apple peels can be added while cooking oatmeal. It can be blended before adding to get a fine texture.


Bird’s Food

Use apple peel to feed your pet birds.



Use apple peel in potpourri.


Apple Peel Wine

How about making some wine at home with apple zest? Boil water and dissolve some yeast. Add sugar, some lime and orange juice and apple peels. Mix well and remove from flame. Pour the mixture out into a large jug, so that it’s not filled upto its brim. Cover the jug opening with the lid, do not tighten. Let the decoction ferment for about 9 days before it is strained. Add extra sweetener if required. Enjoy your wine!


Decorating Gifts

Dry apple zests are strong enough to use as strings. Tie them on gifts for an eco-friendly wrap.


Clean Utensils

Aluminum utensils can be cleaned with apple zests that are acidic in nature. So never cook apple peels in aluminum cook wares or your dish will have all the dirt present in the cooking pot.


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How To Use Apple Zest