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How To Use Drumsticks In Indian Cooking

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Using drumsticks in Indian cooking is a very common practice. Learn how to use drumsticks in Indian cooking and enjoy eating this juicy extremely nutritious stick in curry and lentils. Some of the well known recipes using drumstick in Indian cooking are here for you.


Drumstick Sambar

Drumstick sambar is the most popular Indian dish made with drumstick. Exclusive to the southern part of India, this dish is served with idli’s for breakfast and with rice for meals. Drumstick is cooked in yellow lentils called toor daal in India along with a number of other vegetables. This is a spicy tangy dish that is seasoned with a mix of spices called sambar masala. A long list of vegetables that could go into the making of drumstick sambar are carrot, tomato, radish, okra, eggplant, potato and onions. Sambar is seasoned with a pinch of asafoetida and a tea spoon of fennel seeds. It gets its sour taste from tamarind and spiciness from chili and black pepper powder contained in the masala.


Drumsticks cooked in Mustard Sauce

Drumsticks in mustard sauce is a delicacy of the state of Orissa in eastern India. Mustard sauce is prepared by grinding large size mustard seeds with fresh green chili, onion and several pods of garlic. Drumsticks are cooked in this mustard paste with diced tomatoes and a pinch of turmeric. At the end of cooking this dish is seasoned with few drops of raw mustard oil for extra flavor of mustard. This dish is made in semi dry form or like a curry. Drumsticks in mustard sauce is a side dish served with rice for lunch or dinner.


Drumsticks Bhaja

Drumsticks bhaja is a popular dish in West Bengal, a state in the eastern side of India. Drumsticks are shallow fried in oil along with potatoes. Traditional panch phoran, a mix of five spices used in many Bengali dishes; is used for seasoning along with turmeric. Dry red whole chili is sautéed in oil for a spicy hot taste. Drumstick bhaja is served with rice as a side dish for lunch or dinner. 


Thakkali Muringakka Aviyal

Thakkali Muringakka Aviyal is exclusive to the southern states of India. Again a side dish served with rice or biryani. Drumsticks are cooked separately in water. A paste of coconut, cumin seeds and garlic is prepared before starting to cook this dish. Mustard and cumin seeds are popped up in two table spoon of oil. Peeled shallots are fried in it and cooked until they become tender. Coconut paste is added to the shallots and cooked to achieve brown color. Cooked drumsticks are mixed in the masala and cooked for some more time. Salt and red chili powder is added as per individual taste. This dish is not very spicy as compared to other south Indian recipes.


Drumstick Pickles

Drumstick is used for making spicy and tangy pickles. A mixture of fenugreek, mustard, and red pepper is grounded for pickling. Turmeric, asafoetida and garlic are used for seasoning. Tamarind is used for tangy taste. Vinegar and salt are preservatives. Sesame oil and refined oil both are used. Drumsticks are steamed before pickling. All spices and tamarind are powdered together to form masala. Oil is heated in a pan and all ingredients except drumstick, are added. The masala is mixed well before drumsticks are added and mixed again. The whole pickle is cooked for about five more minutes. It is cooled before vinegar and sesame oil is added. The pickle is left for three days for the spices to get absorbed into the drumsticks. Drumstick pickle is served with parathas for breakfast, with rice for lunch or even for dinner.


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How To Use Drumsticks In Indian Cooking