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What Does Marinade Do To The Meat

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You must have often marinated your meat before cooking but do you know what does marinade do to the meat? To understand how marinating your meat affects the flavor and texture of the meat, read on!


Effect of marinade on the meat


Marinades have been a popular method to make the meat tender and allow the rich flavors of the herbs and condiments to seep deep into the meat, so that the entire meat gets an even texture and flavor. Marinades are usually prepared using different types of herbs and spices. The enzymes and acids present in certain plant herbs help in breaking down the muscles and connective tissues of the meat, which makes the meat tender to touch and the meat is said to have been tenderized. 


Meat tends to lose some of its flavor during the cooking, so marinades can be used to replace some of these lost flavors. The sugar present in the marinade, help in adding and changing the flavoring of the meat as the natural flavors and sugar of the meat tends to get lost during cooking.


As marinades only affect the meat parts with which they come in contact, some people prefer using small, cut pieces of meat rather than using a whole block of meat while marinading. So, marinade is primarily used with small or flat slices of meat. If you dip a large slab of meat in a marinade, the result may be a mushy and tender exterior skin of the meat and a hard, flavorless interior.


One should be very careful while choosing the ingredients for the marinade as the herbs and spices used, should go well with the natural flavor of the meat. Also, one should be aware of the taste that the meat would develop after it has been marinated and cooked. The final flavor of the meat also depends on the type of marinade used and if that marinades complements the type of meat used.


It is important and interesting to know how does a particular cooking process helps in altering or adding to the flavor of the cooked dish. Now that you are aware of the effect of marinate on the meat, you can choose your marinades with care and concoct a delicious dish with soft and tender meat pieces.


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What Does Marinade Do To The Meat