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How To Use Discarded Orange Peelings?

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With a few fruits like oranges, nothing goes wasted – yes, not even their skins. Once you have finished eating the juicy oranges, the discarded orange peels can also be used in a variety of ways. Wondering how? Here are a few tips that show you how to use discarded orange peelings:
•    Food Garnishing:

Orange peels are quite commonly used in a lot of foods like cakes, marmalades, cookies, salads and even rice. You can simply grate some orange peels or cut them into thin, long slivers and add the same orange zest to a variety of foods. However, while doing so, avoid the white portion of the peel (also known as pith), as this may give a bitter taste to your dishes and at the same time add aesthetic inferiority to the otherwise colorful skin.

•    Insect Repellant:

The orange peels are loaded with essential oils, which can be used to our advantage in a lot many ways. They act as natural insect repellant and hence, keep mosquitoes, gnats and other insects away. You can also blend a mixture of orange peels and water on ant hills, in order to keep pests away.

•    Animal Deterrent:

In quite a similar way, using orange peel also helps you keep animals away. Animals, like cats, do not like the smell of citrus fruits. Hence, simply wipe some orange peels on the leaves of your indoor plants or on the slabs of your kitchen. This not only gives a nice, refreshing fragrance to your rooms but also keeps cats away from these places.

•    Household cleaner and Freshener:

The natural oils found in orange peels comprise limonene, a carbon based compound that is commonly used in commercial household cleaners. Limonene is an effective cleaning compound that cuts through grease and makes your metallic areas, like the sink, shine. You can also make an effective and natural room freshener by adding some cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange peels in hot, boiling water and heating the mixture for some time. Once boiled, turn the heat off and let it cool before straining and storing it in a bottle. The fruity, refreshing smell spreads an air of freshness all around.  

•    Fire Kindling:

Orange peels contain highly flammable oils and this is precisely why dried orange peels are an ideal fire kindling agent. The orange peels not only give a slow and steady burn, they also emit a pleasant scent while being burnt.

•    Keeping Brown Sugar Soft:

Simply keep a piece of orange peel in the container in which you store brown sugar. Strange, but true, your brown sugar will stay much softer.

•    For Skin Glow:

Orange peels can also be used as fragrant bathing powders. Simply dry some orange peels and make a powder out of them. You can use this powder daily for bathing. Similarly, you can use dried orange peels as homemade bath oils. Orange peels are rich in anti-oxidants, which in turn, make your skin pimple-free and acne-free and at the same time, add a special glow to it.

Thus, there are different ways of using orange peels at home. So the next time, you pick up some oranges, do not throw the peels away. Instead, just store them and use them in these ways and find out for yourself, how useful the discarded orange peels could be.

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How To Use Discarded Orange Peelings?