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Top 10 Uses Of Salmon Oil

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Science supports the age old saying from our grandma “Eat fish for good health”. Today doctors say eat salmon oil if you want to be healthy because using salmon oil supplements benefit us in more than few ways. Here are top 10 uses of Salmon oil and how use of salmon oil save us from some serious diseases.


1. Heart: One of the top 10 uses of salmon oil is for keeping all kinds of heart diseases at bay. Cardiovascular diseases are very common and using salmon oil is the most convenient way of reducing the risk of heart related disorders.

2. Eyes: Salmon oil is rich in essential nutrients required for our eyes. They are extremely beneficial for healthy vision.

3. Inflammations: Inflammations can be awfully painful, distressing and can restrict mobility. Use of salmon oil alleviates inflammatory diseases.

4. Cancer: Studies have shown possibility of reducing prostate, colon and breast cancer by regular consumption of salmon oil.

5. Depression: Researchers have found that countries and regions where fish is a staple food people are very unlikely to get affected with depression. Hence, use of salmon oil is very common in treatment of mental patients and highly recommended for families who have history of mental problems. 

6. Alzheimer’s: Alzheimer’s disease is a related to the cognitive function of brain. Regular use of salmon fish oil greatly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s in old aged people.

7. LDL & HDL: Use of salmon oil decreases LDL which is bad cholesterol and increase HDL which is good for health. While LDL poses risk on health, HDL aids in overall wellbeing.

8. Parkinson’s: Scientists are trying to find a co-relation between Parkinson’s disease and use of salmon oil. Till today there are no hard facts to prove a direct relation between them, however salmon oil is believed to protect the dopamine system whose disruption leads to Parkinson’s disease.

9. Asthma: Use of salmon oil provides relief to asthma patients to a certain extent. This oil is thus recommended for children as who are at risk of developing asthma.

10. Skin diseases: Salmon oil is packed with proteins which are essential for healthy, scar free, glowing and radiant skin. Now the female species have a beautiful reason to use salmon oil and I am sure this reason would lead on the list of top 10 uses of salmon oil for women. 


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Top 10 Uses Of Salmon Oil