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How To Prevent Gumbo From Spoiling

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If you are a Louisiana or South Carolina resident, you must have prepared Gumbo many times at home. Have there been times when your gumbo became spoilt and had to be thrown? How to prevent Gumbo from spoiling has been consolidated so that you can save your gumbo from spoiling.                                                              


What is Gumbo?


For the uninformed, gumbo is essentially a type of stew which has both rice and broth. It is usually prepared extra spicy and the broth is prepared using pork, chicken, seafood, meat, etc.  Vegetarian version of Gumbo is also available and is prepared using mashed greens with the broth thickened by roux which is a mixture of wheat flour and butter.


Why does Gumbo Spoil?


Gumbo spoils due to a number of reasons such as not refrigerating the gumbo immediately after serving or having the stock at wrong temperature  before it is added to the roux. If your refrigerator does not cool enough or is overcrowded with many food items, Gumbo has a high chance of getting spoilt even after refrigerating. Also, gumbo should be consumed within the 1-2 days.


Precautions for preventing gumbo from spoiling


Gumbo gets spoiled easily and the temperature plays a major role in its getting spoiled. You can prevent your gumbo from spoiling by keeping in mind these little points.


-Immediately refrigerate the Gumbo after serving. If the Gumbo has been allowed to cool down on the counter top for too long, chances are that it will get spoiled.


-Keep the Gumbo in the refrigerator and keep stirring the mixture every few minutes so that the Gumbo gets chilled quickly.


-If you have prepared gumbo in large amounts, you can divide them into smaller pots and refrigerate. This would make it cool quickly.


-Try heating your gumbo in a microwave rather than hot stove.


-While re-heating the cooked gumbo, keep the flame low and make sure that the mixture doesn’t bubble. If it does, the gumbo would spoil.


-Care should be taken to not burn the roux used in the preparation. Burned roux imparts a burnt flavour to the Gumbo. It is better to discard the gumbo and prepare a fresh Gumbo.


We hope that with our few tips on how to prevent gumbo from spoiling, you can use your gumbo for at least one more serving the day after. 


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How To Prevent Gumbo From Spoiling