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Highest Fiber Vegetables - Eat Healthy

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This blog on “highest fiber vegetables – eat healthy,” brings to you the names of some of the greatest fiber rich vegetables. Through this blog - “Highest fiber vegetables – eat healthy,” I want to tell you that fiber is extremely good for health and so, you should eat the vegetables rich in the soluble fibers to live a healthy life.

High-fiber vegetables - Beans

Inexpensive, high on fiber content and yummy, beans are a boon to the world food palette. And, the best thing is that beans are available in a wide range of forms. Ranging from the Great Northern beans to the ever popular black beans, you get beans in all shapes, sizes, tastes and nutritive values. Believe it or not, but a cup of black beans can supply you with 20 grams of fiber! Even chickpeas offer you 12 grams of fiber per cup. You can relish fresh bean sprouts, toss beans into salads or simply cook them with soups. With so many cooking options and a wide range of beans available, you can have them for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

High-fiber vegetables - Peas

A cup of cooked peas offers you 9 grams of fiber. But, the black eyed peas are a little richer as they offer you 10 grams of fiber with every cup serving. Add peas in soup or cook pillaf with green peas or make the popular tomato green pea curry. Pea eating options are many and now that you know how fibrous they are, make it a point to treat yourself with some general servings of this wonderful veggie!


High-fiber vegetables - Broccoli

The health benefits of broccoli are no more hidden. Not only do these green veggies make a delicious addition to a wide range of culinary delights, but they also pack in loads of fibers. Studies have shown that a cup of broccoli can yield you 7 grams of fiber. Puree this super vegetable to cook a creamy soup or have it roasted with your favorite seasonings. Broccoli eaten in any form will add to your good health.

High-fiber vegetables - Artichokes

Rediscover the joy of relishing artichokes as you learn more about its health benefits. Do you know that this wonderful vegetable packs in 10 grams of fiber? But that’s not all. Artichokes are loaded with phytonutrients which are immune system boosters and prevents chronic problems. Artichoke is one such vegetable which can be cooked in a number of tantalizing dishes to make soups, side dishes and starters.

High-fiber vegetables - Spinach

Popeye always gets his boost of strength and energy whenever he grabs his spinach can and gulps down the entire content in one go! One cup of these emerald veggies makes you rich by 7 grams of heart healthy fibers. You can eat spinach fresh and raw or cook them in the way you like. This veggie is not only rich in fibers but also low in calories and free of fat. Dieters, are you the next Popeye?

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Highest Fiber Vegetables - Eat Healthy