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What Vegetables To Choose When Cutting Carbs

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Vegetables which help to cut down carbsThose who are looking for a low carbohydrate diet should at first know what vegetables to choose when cutting carbs. We normally increase our vegetable intake when we maintain our diet but do not eat the right vegetables in the process. Choosing low carb vegetables is very important as these are good for your health. Here are some tips which shall help you to choose vegetables which can help you to cut down your carbohydrates.

Now, when you are looking forward to cut down carbs you have to stay away from vegetables which are high in starch. Starchy vegetables are very high in carbohydrates like the following:
• Carrots – You have to stay away from carrots when you desire to cut carbs.
• Potatoes – These are full of starch. Potatoes are available in 400 different varieties and you have to cut down the intake of  all such varieties. Do not have potato in any form – roasted, baked, fried, boiled, mashed Cut down corns and carrots from your diet or cooked.
• Sweet potatoes – These are extremely starchy sweet root plants which have high quantity of starch – you need to avoid them as far as possible.
• Peas – You should avoid peas in all forms like dried peas, peas soup, pea sprouts as well as processed peas. None of these are good for your health.
• Winter squashes – These are very rich in carbohydrates especially butternut and acorn. Stay away from them!
• Corn – Corn is consumed mainly in soups. Chinese recipes also make abundant use of corn. If you are thinking about cutting carbs, do not have corn.

Now, that we have learnt about vegetables which are high in carbohydrates, lets know about vegetables which we can have in plenty to reduce our carbohydrates levels as they are low in carbohydrates.

• Greens - Dark green leafy vegetables are very good for your health. These include lettuces, chard, spinach, arugula, mustard greens, kale and dandelion greens among many other varieties. You can have greens in a soup, use them as wrapping for steamed dishes, eat them fried or use them in a Cauliflower is one vegetable which can help you to cut carbssalad. They will help you to cut down carbs.
• Mushrooms – Mushrooms shall help you to cut down carbohydrates from your diet. You can have them in soups, meat dishes and even in several vegetarian recipes.
• Cucumbers – You can have cucumbers in plenty to keep you healthy. You can have them in your salads, vegetable dishes and also as soups. Cucumber has a very cooling effect and is often included in many drink recipes during summer.
• Cauliflower – This is a popular  vegetable which can help you to cut down carbohydrates. This vegetable can be included in different recipes and can be eaten as fried vegetable, steamed vegetable, roasted with spices, in a curry and as a soup. Those who are on a strict diet can have steamed cauliflower with some lemon squeezed into it.
• Cabbages – These will also help you to reduce carbohydrates. These can be had in soups, as a curry or in a salad.

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What Vegetables To Choose When Cutting Carbs