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Why Children Hate Vegetables In Their Meals

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Why do children hate vegetables - genetic factors?If your child turns his face away at the sight of vegetables and begs you for pizzas and ice-creams – you probably have nothing to fret, because 80% children have been found to hate vegetables. Have you ever wondered why children hate vegetables in their meals – what makes them love pizza more and dislike your vegetable meals?


To find the answer to such a common problem a lot of research work is being carried on in the recent times, to find out the reasons behind children hating vegetables. Several facts were established but research is still on to find out more reasons – here are some reasons which shall help you to understand why your child runs away from the vegetable meals you cook.

Genetic reasons – Yes, you read it right! Think about it impartially – were you keen to have vegetables when you were a child. It is seen that if parents had a dislike for vegetables and hated A gene is said to be the reason for children disliking vegetablesvegetables when they were young, it was often passed on to children. In fact, it has been proved by the researchers who are present at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. They found out there is a specific gene known as TAS2R38 which is responsible for aversion to some bitter tastes in children. All humans carry 2 of such genes. It has been found that one gene is actually more sensitive to a bitter taste than the other. If you or your child has more than one such bitter gene, he will surely develop a genetic dislike towards vegetables and would avoid all types of vegetable meals.

It is also said that if parents have poor eating patterns and habits, it is often passed on to No Vegetablechildren. If your child dislikes vegetables…think about your childhood – maybe you will get an answer. Parents who never ate vegetables or made tantrums are more likely to have children with similar eating patterns...their children may not also love vegetables too – but this is not applicable in all cases. There are many families which are exceptions of this fact.

Taste buds are also known to be responsible for children not liking vegetables. Children are known to have at least 10000 taste buds in their younger stages which slowly diminish as the child develops. In comparison to 10000 taste buds, adults are known to have just 3000 taste buds. This means that children naturally have several more robust taste buds. Their taste sense for vegetables and other foods will be much more than in an adult…this is one of the main reasons why children show a dislike for vegetables and hate eating vegetables in their younger years.

As soon as a child grows, these excess taste buds start diminishing and children develop a liking for vegetables and they actually start to enjoy them.

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Why Children Hate Vegetables In Their Meals