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How To Eat Dolma – Stuffed Vegetables and Meat

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Dolma is a stuffed vegetable dish - very popular Afghani dishI learnt how to eat dolma at a very young age – my Mom prepared many of these stuffed vegetable dishes – hence I developed a habit of eating many different variations of dolma. Some of my most preferred dolma dishes are those which are made using eggplants and tomatoes. Sometimes Mom would mix shredded chicken in the vegetable but it is not necessary to add chicken - it is your discretion completely. When we eat meat dolma it is usually had with a spicy sauce. The taste of vegetable dolma is also a refreshing change and can be eaten with yogurt.

My habit of eating dolma helped me to taste several variations of this stuffed vegetable…here are some of them.

A special type of dolma which is eaten in many places is known as Mumbar dolmasi:
• In this preparation you get to eat sheep intestines filled with bean and meat mixture.
• Sometimes rice is also added.
• Vegetables or fruits which have been hollowed out can also be added into the filling.

Dolma with minced lamb:
• In this dish lamb meat is minced and then mixed with rice and leek.
• Dolma will be served to you wrapped up in cabbage leaves – the aroma of fresh lamb meat in cabbage leaves is something which you will always cherish.

Minced lamb dolma is served after wrapping them in cabbage leaves
• Lamb meat is stuffed into eggplants or in green peppers.
• There are many restaurants where you can eat lamb meat stuffed in apples.

Dolma in Greece: Dolma is a traditional dish of Afghanistan but it is eaten in different parts of the world. Here is how you can eat it in Greece:
• It is eaten with a lemon and egg sauce.
• In case you are not fond of egg sauce, you can eat it with tomato sauce.
• Meat is often stuffed in eggplants and tomatoes

• You eat dolma filled with minced meat, onions, rice, oil and spices.
• You can eat it in another variety – dolma filled with rice, currants, herbs and also spices.Dolma filled with rice currants herbs and spcies - a variation of Dolma
• In many regions of Turkey it is eaten with a egg-milk based sauce.
• If you are eating meat dolma you should eat it hot.
• If you are eating meatless dolma, you need to eat it served at room temperature.
• It should always be eaten with yogurt.

• You can eat dolma stuffed with vine leaves known as koupepia.
• Rice, vegetables and other spices are also stuffed inside.Learn the different ways of eating dolma and enjoy its taste

• You get to eat beef and ground lamb mixed with split yellow peas and savory herbs as its filling.
• Dolma is wrapped in grape vine leaves or cabbage leaves while serving.

• You can eat dolma wrapped up in cabbage leaves.
• The filling is made of minced pork and beef along with rice.
• It can be eaten with boiled potatoes and brown sauce.

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How To Eat Dolma – Stuffed Vegetables And Meat