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What Does Cod Liver Oil Do For The Body?

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Wondering what does cod liver oil do for the body? Well, to begin with, the cod liver oil does a lot of good things to your body. Cod liver oil is basically a nutritional supplement which is extracted from the liver of a cod fish. This oil has very high levels of omega – 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Also, cod liver oil is rich in Vitamins A and D. Cod liver oil thus, helps your body in ways more than one. It has also been found to be very effective against several serious diseases and disorders. You must have also seen parents being prescribed to give cod liver oil to their children. This is because it prevents rickets. So come, let’s have a detailed look on the various benefits of cod liver oil.

benefits-of-cod-liver-oil-are-aplentyTherapeutic value of cod liver oil

  • Cod liver oil has profound effects on the health, especially in healing pain and discomforts relating to arthritis.    
  • The oil has also been proven to be beneficial for the sound functioning of the heart. Moreover, cod liver oil is also good for bones, hair, and nails. Clinical studies have shown that cod liver oil nourishes the skin and keeps it soft.   
  • While cod liver oil is similar to fish oil, the difference is that the former packs in more vitamins A and D than the latter. Also, cod liver oil completes the vitamin D requirement of RDA within the adult bodies, which otherwise remains unmet.   
  • Cod liver oil is also an effective long-time treatment solution for sclerosis.   
  • Studies have revealed that, if cod liver oil is used during pregnancy, it can lower the risks of Type I diabetes in the baby within the mother’s womb.   
  • When cod liver oil is taken by nursing mothers, it increases the fatty acid and vitamin A amount in breast milk and improves its quality. The increased fatty acids develop the brain of the breast feeding baby faster and the vitamin A prevents infections.  

Cod liver oil for cancer

The above benefits of cod liver oil are not all. There are more. For example, a Norwegian research revealed that female cancer patients who were given a daily dose of cod-liver oil supplements had reduced the mortality rate in a significant way (which in this case was 25% for overall cancer patients and 45% just for lung cancer patients) compared to patients who did not have cod liver oil at all.

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i take it all the time i take like 10 a day its so awsome
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would it be beneficial to Colitis
What Does Cod Liver Oil Do For The Body?