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How to Extract Poppy Seeds

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poppy seedsThe poppy plant has a brightly colored flower which is popular for being a good source of opium.

The poppy plant bears 5-inch-wide red, white and pink flowers. The plant is in itself approximately 3 to 16 feet tall along with lobed silver-green foliage. The poppy plant’s seeds are used for oil, seasonings, animal feeds and baking ingredients. If you want to obtain the poppy plant’s seeds, you should extract them from the pod in which they grow.

1.    First of all you must let the poppy flower to dry out.

2.   Now, snap off the pods from the flower. Dry these pods by placing them in a suitable location like a paper bag, so that they dry well. This process will take approximately one or two weeks to complete. Once the pods are ready, you will see that they become dry and brittle.

3.    Shake the bag well in a way that the poppy seeds get separated from the pods. The paper bag must be closed tightly to make sure that neither the seeds nor the pods spill from the bag while you shake it.

4.    The seeds must be put in an air-tight container, like a glass jar and then stored in a dry and cool place. 


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How To Extract Poppy Seeds