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Herbs and Spices That Go With Apples

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apple pie 1We know that you are eager to know about the herbs and spices that go with apples. The blog introduces you all those spices and herbs which team well with apples. 



Most of you must think of cooked apples only in terms of desserts such as stewed apples, apple pie or apple cobbler. But very few of you must be aware of the fact that addition of herbs and spices can actually accentuate the sweet flavors of these apple desserts. Not only this, apples are also used in savory dishes namely baked pork with apples and others, and savory herbs and spices add to the flavor these kind of dishes.


Cinnamon is the most popular spice that goes well with apples. It lends the apple a spicy edge. Dishes namely apple dumplings, applesauce, apple pie, and other sweet apple recipes can be flavored using cinnamon.



Cloves are primarily used in preparing mulled apple cider. When used in small quantities, cloves add an amazing flavor to other sweet apple dishes too. They are typically used to include a zesty flavor to baked apples.



Nutmeg is generally used as an ingredient in creamy recipes such as custards or ice cream. But it may also be used to add some good flavor to sweet apple recipes. For example, nutmeg will enhance the taste of an apple spice cake.



Mint has a distinct and somewhat sweet flavor which teams well with the sweet taste of apples. Mint also teams well with dishes that have other fruits in addition to apple, like a fruit salad. The coolness of mint offsets the sweet content of apples and other fruits in the salad.



Sage is a Mediterranean herb. The addition of this slightly bitter herb to savory dishes namely apple and chicken sausage is a good idea.



Anise possesses a sweet licorice flavor that makes it best to be paired with stewed apples and apple cakes. Anise may be added to apple pies, but make sure to be careful about not overwhelming the other spices in the apple pie. This may spoil the taste of the pie.



Crushed rosemary leaves are a perfect accompaniment for meat-based dishes, especially the ones that chiefly use lamb or pork. Apples may be added in the form of an additional flavoring with baked lamb and pork, as the sweet flavor of the apples shall nicely contrast with rosemary.

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Herbs And Spices That Go With Apples