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How to Brew 50 Gallons of Tea?

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It is definitely not easy to brew 50 gallons of tea but if you get your measurements and technique right, then there is really nothing to worry. I first learned how to brew gallons of tea from my mother who obviously has a remarkable ability to cook massive amounts of food and drink with ease!! (I have no clue why that particular skill did not rub on to me) Anyhow,  my mother’s help and a recent desperate attempt to provide tea for close to 700 guests for a friend’s debut painting exhibition has lead to this blog. Here is how you can brew 50 gallons of tea:- 


Brewing 50 Gallons of tea! 



1 Gallon = 16 cups
50 Gallons = 800 cups=200qt= 25600 ounces

Items Required

Four Pounds of good Quality Tea - 1 pound of tea leaves gives 200 cups of tea
# 4 size T Sacs
Two vessels that can hold 400 cups ( 200 pts)of water each
Required amount of milk in Jugs



  1. The day before the party take the #4 T-Sacs and put ten rounded measuring teaspoons of loose tea leaves, fold the top and staple them well. Continue till 2 pounds of tea leaves have been packed. Store them in an air tight bad. Do the same with the rest of the tea.
  2. A half an hour before you have to serve the tea, pour the exact amount of water you need into your vessels. To brew 50 gallons of tea you have to take 800 cups of water. Since you have got two vessels that can hold 200 pints water (i.e. 400 cups or 100 ltr of water) each, simply fill them up.
  3. Boil the water in both the vessels to the right temperature. The temperature depends on the type of tea you want to serve.
    • Use freshly boiled water for black tea
    • If you are going healthy and making green tea, the boiling water should be allowed to sit for 1 minute to reach 165-180 degrees. The water temperature should be 165 degrees for white tea also.
  4. Now take out the two sets of homemade tea bags and once the water has reached the right temperature drop the teabags in each of the vessel and let it brew. (2 pounds of tea in one and 2 pounds in another)
  5. Brew Black Tea for 3-7 minutes, White or Green Tea for 1-3 minutes and Herbal Teas for 12 to 15 minutes. Don’t remove it from the heat until the flavors are released.
  6. Fish the Teabags out as soon as the vessels are removed from the flame and serve your tea.
  7. In case you are making the tea in advance and want to store them use glass lined air pots. Ensure that you have tempered the pots with hot water before storing the tea in it!



  1. Keep in mind that you can use one teaspoon of tea leaves for an 8 ounce or 6 ounce cup.
  2. Don’t use vessels that have been used to make coffee to make tea lest you want your tea to taste like bad coffee. You can clean up your coffee vessels with clear hot water and baking soda.
  3. Avoid using tap water as most often it has a taste of chlorine. Use non-chlorinated water that is filtered, fresh and cool.

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How To Brew 50 Gallons Of Tea?